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Key Features Of Pocket Metaverse In Castle Town

Do you want to know what are the key features of pocket metaverse in castle town? To explain the idea behind NFT Castle Town again, NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern is a quiet place where business is done.

In this Pocket Arena, Metaverse, Forest, Desert, Snow, and Fantasy are places to fight, while Castle Town is where people can settle down and go about their lives.

As we said in our last article, this NFT Castle Town will be part of a real-world castle town’s infrastructure. This means that there will be government buildings, recreation centers, and buildings for important services that will improve life.

Lets Begin

  • The Pocket Arena Metaverse will be built on top of NFT Castle Town.
  • The virtual city of Luzern will look like NFT Castle Town, where people can go about their daily lives in this virtual space.
  • The users will be represented by avatars called NFT Emoji Avatars.
  • There are 155 plots for NFT Castle Town, which is where these buildings will go.



The map above shows NFT Castle Town. The areas that are being worked on are shown in yellow. Most buildings open in these areas for government, recreation, and business.

In Castle Town, different colors show what kind of building it is. For example, the blue ones are government buildings like the Town Hall, the Police Station, and the Central Station.

The ones in pink are buildings that are important to the game and do important things. The green areas are homes, while the yellow ones are places where people meet and hang out.

Key Features Of Pocket Metaverse In Castle Town

As you can see, a lot of thought has gone into making a business environment that meets the needs of different people. Here are the most important things to look for:

1. Each building will be based on NFT, and both residential and commercial buildings will be for sale.

2. Each building will have gamification elements, including ways to earn and spend POC. Our current collection of casual PA games will be changed and added to Castle Town.

3. Brands will be asked to build their own NFT brand buildings and mini-games that feature their brands.

4. Chatting will be added to Castle Town so people can talk to each other.

5. The blacksmith shop and pharmacy will be used especially for Castle Arena battles to make and sharpen tools and refill energy.

6. Shops for decorating maps will open

Lastly, everyone who comes to Castle Town will have an “Emoji Avatar.” Yellow and blue will be the two basic avatars that will be given. The people who own NFT emoji avatars will have a look and feel that is unique to them and give them special benefits in NFT buildings.

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