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Lucky Crypto Offers NFT Winnings For Its First Metaverse NFT Slot Machine

Lucky Crypto, the first platform to provide slot machines in the metaverse, will now let players win a fresh assortment of NFTs.

The collection is themed Lucky Degens and will be available for grabs during the next weeks. Lucky Degen slots will also be free to play for all customers.

How to Win Lucky Crypto’s Lucky Degens

There are Lucky Degens slot machines in the Decentraland metaverse inside the Lucky Degens Embassy. Locate the embassy in the following coordinates: -57, -104.

The slot machines are situated on the second floor, so after you arrive, walk up there and start playing. Make sure that your wallets are linked. In such an event, visitors to Decentraland will be unable to participate.

There are two primary Lucky Degens collections under Lucky Crypto. The original Lucky Degen Collection is the first one. Only 77 pieces will be given away in this one, making it the most sought-after prize.

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The Jungle Animal Lucky Degens Collection is the second choice. There are seven distinct creatures to be featured in this one. It is intended, however, that each jungle animal in the collection be released on a monthly basis.

This collection will have 7777 jungle animal NFTs, according to Lucky Crypto. On the 24th of June, the OG collection will be on sale, while the Lucky Jungle collection will be available in the second half of July.

Lucky Degens NFTs: Utility and Benefits

In the Lucky Crypto metaverse casinos, this new NFT collection will be of great value. To begin with, visitors to the Lucky Degens Embassy on Decentraland will get free LUCKY tokens, which may be used in other Lucky Crypto games.

Lucky Crypto Offers NFT Winnings For Its First Metaverse NFT Slot Machine

With Lucky Crypto, players may also earn cashback, monthly incentives, and free spins. Additional privileges include access to VIP sections at the casinos, as well as unique slots and tournaments for NFT holders.

Obtaining NFTs will also qualify you for LUCKY token airdrops in the future. As a bonus, OG NFT holders will receive first dibs on Jungle Animal NFT airdrops. The Lucky Degen Jungle Animal collection is significantly more accessible to those who already possess the OG category.

Lucky Crypto and Its Metaverse Casinos

One of the goals of Lucky Crypto is to establish itself as the preeminent gambling platform across the metaverse. Virtual casinos on Decentraland and Sandbox are currently being developed as part of the project.

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Lucky Crypto is also a key player in the development of the MetaChance platform, a virtual gambling metaverse.

Most Lucky Degen slots will not be sold in the United States despite this fact. Gambling rules in the nation are mostly to blame.