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Micro USB Port Loose And Not Charging: Here’s How To Fix It?

Have you ever thought about the micro USB port loose and not charging issues? Don’t automatically blame a faulty charger or battery if your phone stops taking a charge.

My own experience tells me that the issue at hand is probably easier to solve than you give it credit for. Check out these 12 solutions to repair a phone that won’t charge whether it’s not charging at all or just partially.

In all likelihood, no mature adult would wilfully destroy the charging port or cord on their micro USB device. It’s an inevitability, I’m afraid.

As you will see in the next section, I have had my fair share of broken cables and malfunctioning ports in the past.

The goal of this piece is to provide you with the knowledge that will help you avoid damaging your micro USB port and cable, particularly by mistake.

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Here, we’ll discuss fixing a broken micro USB cable or port. The micro USB connection of your cable may get damaged by dust, pollution (such as calcium, road salt), or simple stretching over time, even with the most cautious usage of a phone.

It’s also possible that the target is the port or connector itself. Until it becomes a major issue, this usually goes undetected.

The other day, for example, I woke up to find that my phone hadn’t charged overnight despite being hooked into its charging wire.

This may occur if the is no longer plugged in as deeply as before. In spite of your best efforts, the wire may get unplugged from the wall outlet with even little movement of the phone. Consequentially, this will cause the issue of the device not charging.

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