Business is booming.

Missoula County approves bond resolution to finish toxic cleanup at Bonner mill

Missoula County will issue a low-interest bond to pay the remaining expenses of the lingering cleanup of hazardous chemicals at the Bonner mill site in an attempt to bring the project to a close.

Commissioners adopted a bond resolution last week permitting the sale of $2.7 million in tax increment from the Bonner industrial district, established in 2017. The community was established in 2017. The bonds will be repaid over 10 years at a rate of 2.4 percent interest, and they will not be used to prolong the term of the tax increment district.

In the words of Commissioner Josh Slotnick, “This project definitely must be completed.” “Once it’s completed and a new firm is established, this will be an investment from which we will reap some benefits.” “It’ll just take a short period.”

The three-acre property, which Bonner Property Development LLC currently holds, has dirt and debris that has been polluted with petroleum chemicals and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, that were initially been utilized at the defunct Stimson timber mill, according to the company.




The initial $3 million offer to clean up the site included the expense of removing 60,000 tonnes of garbage and an extra 10,000 tonnes as a contingency, for a total cost of $3 million. However, within a few weeks of the cleaning beginning, more than 70,000 tonnes of rubbish had been transported to the dump.

Commissioners upped their “do-not-exceed” sum from $3 million to $3.9 million in November, up from the initial figure of $3 million. It also moved the completion deadline to this summer from the previous fall.

In the words of Emily Brock, the county’s director of economic and land development: “It requires more effort and produces more tonnage than we had initially expected.” “It should be completed by the end of July this year.” Hopefully, something will be constructed on top of it, and increment will result as a result.”

Brock said that the earnings from the bond would be used to pay the cost of the cleaning partially. Once completed, the work will ready the land for different use. The result will be an increase in new employment and company in the industrial park and an increase in revenue increment in the area.

“There is a significant need for space to work in the Bonner mill-site area,” Brock said. The expectation is that there will be a business shortly once there is dirty stuff.