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Missoula County approves Bonner subdivision, moving homes onto market

After receiving clearance from Missoula County, a proposal to subdivide a single property comprising 19 residences into equal individual lots was implemented. This will provide existing tenants with an option to own their homes.

The project, which needed subdivision clearance from the county, is located along Highway 200 east of the Bonner mill and encompasses eight acres of land. The 19 residences are now being utilized as rentals, but they will gradually be converted to owner-occupied units.

According to Dan Fultz, a project representative with IMEG, “the purpose is to make these rental units that have all been under one ownership and divide them so that they can be sold to different members of the public.” IMEG is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving people’s lives through real estate. “They will be provided at market value to the current tenants first, with no competition.”

The residences, which were built as part of the old mill in 1925 and are presently owned by Bonner West Homes LLC, were completed in 1925. According to the project’s partners, the inhabitants of around five of the 19 already occupied residential units have shown an interest in acquiring their homes.

According to Commissioner Dave Strohmaier, “given the housing situation in Missoula, it makes a huge amount of sense to move them out to platted lots.”

Several restrictions were attached to the county’s subdivision approval, none of which would prohibit the project from proceeding ahead as currently planned. According to the Bonner Community Council, subdividing the land and placing the residences on the market are good ideas.

“They were very supportive and believed it would benefit the community,” Fultz said. “Homeownership tends to result in more lively communities.”