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How To Move Files To SD Card On Samsung Galaxy S5?

In this post we will describe how to Move Files To SD Card On Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a stunning appearance, an excellent display and camera, and a plethora of useful features.

S5 is equipped with a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2800mAh battery, and 2 GB of RAM. According to the device’s technical specifications.

When using this gadget, you will experience amazing speed as well as long battery life.

Internal memory is 16GB/32GB, however, you may extend it up to 128GB by inserting an external microSD card into the device.

Move Files to SD Card on Galaxy S5

Transferring files from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to an SD Card is also possible. You can use the following methods to transfer files to your Samsung Galaxy S5’s SD card:

Move Files To SD Card On Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Astro File Manager

For the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Astro file manager gives you the ability to organize, retrieve, and backup all of the files stored on your SD card to your internal memory. Bonus: All types of media, including photographs, music, videos, and documents, are compatible.

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  • Samsung S5 File Manager

It’s good enough to go into stock! Simple, visually appealing, and highly effective. The only thing I’d ask for is a paid/Pro version that does not have advertisements. Make it a reality!

  • ES File Explorer

Having had over 300 million global downloads, this is the most popular program for moving files from your SD Card to your Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

  • OI File Manager

In addition to browsing your SD-card, it allows you to create and manage folders. It grants you full access to all of the files saved on your S5 storage device.

If you have any difficulties transferring files to your SD card in this manner, you can transfer files to your SD card on your Samsung Galaxy S5 by connecting your phone to your computer. To transfer files from your computer to your SD card, follow these steps:


  1. Connect the phone to your computer through a USB cable. Activate Mount mode, or it may prompt you to do it automatically at times.
  • Storage may be found under System Settings>Storage.
  • SD-card mounting is accomplished by tapping the Mount SD-card button.

2. After that, create a folder on your SD card.

3.  Copies the files from your phone’s internal storage that you want to transfer to your Samsung Galaxy S5’s SD-card and pastes them into the folder on the SD-card.

4.  If you wish to move files to the SD-card on the Samsung Galaxy S5, such as music, then create a folder on the SD-card for the things you want to transfer. After that, copy and paste as you would with music.

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