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OnlyRockets – How to play and earn

Built on the Wax blockchain, OnlyRockets is a play-to-earn resource mining game taking place in space.

On May 18, 2022, the desktop version of the app became online. Discord, Telegram, and Twitter are all places where you may join the community.

Gameplay of OpenRockets

By constructing and launching rockets, players may mine four different kinds of materials found in space. They’re a lot of fun.

  • Metal,
  • Crystals,
  • Energy,
  • Data.

These resources may be exchanged for one another. Rockets must be launched in order to mine resources. All things have their uses. To create new rockets, you can use metal; to manufacture alloy for rockets, you can use crystals; to launch rockets to harvest resources, you need energy. Other materials and new rockets can only be mined and built with the use of data.

Rockets NFTs

To play the game, you must have at least one rocket NFT. If you have a large number of rockets, you’ll be able to get better results.

Not every type of rocket is suitable for each resource. Because of this, you must select your rocket based on the type of resource you plan to mine.

1. Cargo

Cargo rockets are used to mine for metal. It has the largest loading capacity and can transport large amounts of metal.

2. Harvester 

Harvester rockets mine crystals. Its powerful engines enable traveling between space dust and ice.

3. Explorer 

Exploration rockets may be used to extract energy from distant planets. It has a fast-moving wing and tail.

4. Scout 

In terms of data mining, its navigational equipment is ideally suited. A secondary NFT market, Atomic Hub, offers Rockets for sale.

Blending in OpenRockets

There are four categories of a rarity for rockets, with common, rare, and epic being the first three. Using a mixing method, you may raise their levels.

With four common, rare, or epic-level rockets, you may create a new rocket with a greater degree of rarity.

As a consequence, the following rarities have the following probability. If all four rockets are common, the resultant rocket will also be 89 percent common. Rare rockets have a 10% chance of appearing, whereas epic rockets have a 1% chance of appearing.

OnlyRockets – How to play and earn

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A rare rocket has a 90% probability of being found, whereas an epic rocket has a 10% chance of being found if all four base rockets are rare. You will always get an epic rocket with a higher level when you combine four rockets of epic rarity.

Modifying and Crafting in OpenRockets

You may increase the efficiency of your rockets by modifying them. Modifiers may be applied to any resource to increase its production capacity.

Engine V5, for example, improves energy output, whereas Sensor improves data. The container improves metal while Hobo upgrades crystals.

Adding the fifth and final modification, a time burner increases mining speed. While a rocket’s normal mining period is just six hours, a time burner allows the same rocket to continue mining for an additional eight hours.

The rarity of the rockets affects the output of each modification. As an example, for a common rocket, the efficiency of Engine V5 is increased by 25%, 50%, and 100% for a rare or epic rocket.

Spending data and crystals on rockets is also an option. It costs 3000 Crystals and 3000 Data to manufacture a level 1 rocket at the time of this writing.

Outlook: Metaverse

More blockchain projects are being worked on by no other firm than Space. Examples are WarSpace and Urban Space, two Wax-based games that use mining mechanics to gain NFTs.

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As a metaverse, the goal is to bring together many initiatives. Visitors to the metaverse will gain from this strategy. There are a number of ways that Only Space NFTs may be used to get access to new projects and receive additional prizes.