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Parler hack: Public info from platform archived

Parler hackAccording to Atlantic Council, Parler is one of the most used social media platforms for conservatives and extremists. Parler is the platform that was used to make a plan and attack that happens in the USA. 

Thousands of President Donald Trump Supporters attacked Washington, then suddenly, one hacker archived their post on the Parler hack. This hacker aims to help build and reconstruct the role of social media platforms to prevent the Capitol.

On Twitter, the hacker said that it aimed to preserve every post from Wednesday before the Parler hack was taken down. On Wednesday, the thousands of extremists aimed to run into the firing building and steal as many things as they could. 


How about the Gab? 

What kind of Gab are you expecting? Do you want to hear how social media platforms like Parler are getting popular among conservatives?

Does Parler go Dark?

The answer is yes, and the Parler goes dark. According to USA Today, Amazon, the big giant USA company that operates all over the Globe, has suspended the social media platform web hosting services. 

The Parler website goes entirely in the Dark on Monday as theAmazon has suspended their web hosting services. It was the most significant step taken by the tech giant in response to the Capitol siege. 

As soon as the news went public, Google and Apple also suspended the Parler app from their stores. Britt Paris said that we are still learning how social media platforms can be used in this way.

But still, the experts say that the post that was archived was not such files that were not already publicly available. Some sources claim that the post that was downloaded and archived from parler contains sensitive Geographic locations, and that’s why parler users through law enforcement can easily access data from anywhere in the Globe.  

Gabriella said that “We have to see these platforms that how people come together to organize themselves. This is where you will learn about tactics and motivation.” 

Parler Archive: What’s in the data?

The hacker that I have told you above said that “Only things available to the public until today are the archived posts. “You can also see them at

The Parler hack archived material includes “Original, unprocessed raw files uploaded on Parlor with all associated metadata. To prove this, the hacker also uploaded a Screenshot containing GPS longitude and GPS latitude. On Monday, the hacker also tweeted that he had the data a total of 30 TB. 

Parler Lawsuit

Parler gets its popularity during the presidential election, and many conservatives get together and come on it. In 2020 when Facebook and Twitter take them very seriously and become aggressive, Parler fails to moderate it. 

When Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream social media platforms have suspended president  Donald Trump’s account for commenting on Wednesday’s incident on the Capitol. Parler welcomes these immature and senseless users and becomes the no one social media platform among these conservatives. 

After the Parler hack, Parler CEO has accused the big social media platforms of playing a monopoly and killing the competition during the Parler hack. In an interview with Fox Business, he said he might build their own data centers and servers. In response to Amazon canceling their web hosting services. 

AWS provides technology to us, and we cannot allow anyone to determine what content we should play on our platforms. However, during the Parlor hack, it is clear that Parlor has mismanagement to allow extremes to their platforms. 

70TB of Parler users’ messages, videos, and posts has  leaked 

As I have already told you at the beginning of the content. Parler is the only platform that is used to plan an attack on the Capitol on Wednesday. But, the security researcher had collected data up to 70TB before the Parler hack and went shut down from Amazon and got suspended by Google and Apple. 

The scrap leak data includes all the messages sent in the Parler to plan an attack on the Capitol. Furthermore, it also includes user pics and videos as well. After the news came out, the hacker revealed that it had millions of video links used to plan the attack. 

The hacker who achieved all the data says that I don’t have your email and number unless you post it on Parler before the Parler hack. 

Parlor hack

On the big discussion platform and Reddit, people also put allegations on American Cloud that they have their security numbers because they have done the verification. 

How was the scrape done?

After this news came out, this is the first question that appears: How was the scrape done? According to Matt, a CTO he says that technically the  Parler hack was not valid. In other words, he was saying that the platform was not wholly hacked, and it has significantly less security compared to other platforms; that’s why hackers were able to scrape your data.

Cyber Security firms also claim that only one person did not scrape it, but 15 different groups make it happen by scraping together at once. These hackers have collected 60TB of data or maybe more. So, now I hope you get your answer. 

A question of ethics

However, if we do critical thinking, we conclude that it was done for security purposes to see the wrongdoing. But still, the question appears on ethics. Well, I don’t want to comment on that, and I leave this to you. Share your thoughts in the comment section.