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Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons


As gaming becomes popular day by day during pandemics, many newbies like you and me are confused between Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons. If you are also facing this issue and want to know what works best for you and the Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons, we have specially designed this article for you. In this article, we will be going to tell you about Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons and take an in-depth review of both of them and discuss it from different perspectives. If that sounds interesting to you, then let us begin this article.

Pc gaming vs Console gaming: The ultimate comparison

Before we tell you the difference between Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons, let us compare Pc gaming and Console gaming first. Let us start with Pc gaming.

Pc gaming

We have divided Pc gaming into some points that will help you to decide. These points are mentioned below.

·         Flexibility

One thing that makes Pc gaming one step ahead of Console gaming is customization and flexibility. As you know, Pc can be easily modified and customized its processor, graphic card, ram, etc. It gives you the flexibility to make your Pc gaming more advanced because you can upgrade it according to your own needs and budget requirements. While on the other hand, if you look at a gaming console, you cannot customize it, making Pc gaming more advanced.

·         Affordability

Affordability is also one of the most critical factors that make Pc gaming one step ahead of Console gaming. Console gaming is expensive because new consoles usually come at a very high-end price, and they usually sell their old, outdated model at cheap prices, which makes Pc gaming come into play. Pc gaming is more flexible and affordable than console gaming.

·         Power

Power is another, or maybe I can say that, most important factor that makes Pc gaming one step ahead of console gaming. Pc are usually more powerful and perform well in gaming because they have an upgradeable processor and an upgradeable graphic card. You can also upgrade the storage as well in Pc while on the other hand, Console gaming lacks these features. If you want to know a better hard drive or SSD, don’t worry because we have a separate article on it; you can click that link to read that article.

Console Gaming

Now we have discussed some points about Pc gaming, then let us discuss some points about console gaming as well. These points are mentioned below.

·         Affordability

Just like Pc affordability is also one the most common factor between Console gaming vs Pc gaming. This is because Console comes at an affordable price, and usually company releases their new console model every two years. This is what some console gamers love about their favorite console brands.

These console makers do not focus on visual changes inside their Console but focus on upgrading the hardware. Usually, Pc gaming manufacturers upgrade the software with sight tweaks in hardware and say that this is their most powerful model. On the other hand, Console manufacturers launch their new model every two years with the maximum specifications, and that Console comes at an affordable price.

Consoles usually offer great resell value on eBay as compared to your old Pc.

·         Disadvantages

Yeah, you live in the real world, not in the fairy tale, and nothing is perfect in this world, and that is why Console also has a lot of disadvantages. As I have already told you above, console makers upgrade their old model every two years and for the common person, it is the advantage, but for the gamer, it is the disadvantage.

This is because the gaming industry releases a new game every passing year, and your old console device can no longer upgrade or play these games at their maximum output. Furthermore, these console makers will force you to buy their new Console every two years, which is very frustrating.

·         Upgradability

As I have already told you above, consoles become outdated every two years, and then your new dollars console becomes useless because as a gamer, you cannot play new games on these consoles, and these consoles did not get any upgrade. That is what makes the consoles very frustrating.

While on the other hand, if you look at Pc, you know that because Pc is upgraded, it is never getting old, and you can upgrade it. You can upgrade everything on your Pc from Ram to storage, from processor to graphic card. Yeah, I mean everything.

·         Versatility

Pc offers versatility which usually comes in non-console devices, and gamers take full advantage of it. This allows gamers to interact with other gamers without facing any difficulty.

·         Multiplayer connectivity

Multiplayer connectivity is another downside of console gaming. I was hoping you would not take me wrong; Console also offers multiplayer games, but when you are online, not offline, Pc offers both online and offline multiplayer games.

Pc gaming vs Console gaming pros and cons

Now we have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of both Pc and Console. Well, now it is time to come and discuss our main topic, which is Pc gaming vs. Console gaming pros and cons. For your ease, we have made a table so you can quickly skim it.

Pc gaming

Pros Cons
Powerful Performance Expensive
More graphics
Easy to upgrade


Console gaming

Pros Cons
Easily affordable Performance is not decent
Durable Need up-gradation in every two years
Set up easily