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Things to Do If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

Things to Do If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection. A phone losing network connection is a problem that many of us have experienced, regardless of whether we are using an Android smartphone such as a Samsung or Huawei handset or an iPhone. When my phone continues losing network connection, I usually just restart the device, which is the first thing I suggest to anybody who is experiencing the same problem as I am. However, we have observed instances when a phone’s network connection has been lost even after a reboot, and we have written this article to assist you in resolving the issue.

Things to Do If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

Fix 1: Check the Wi-Fi Coverage If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

You should check to see if the Wi-Fi or network coverage in your area is strong enough if your phone keeps losing its network connection. A good way to tell if the Wi-Fi signal bars are all in the green or if the network service bar is completely full on your phone is to look at the network service bar.

It’s likely that your phone is losing internet connection due to a weak signal if you notice any of these, which should be between one and two bars depending on where you live. However, once you’re within a healthy range of a good Wi-Fi or network connection, your phone should generally start working normally again.

Fix 2: Turn OFF Wi-Fi If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

One solution that has proven successful in many of these instances is to switch off Wi-Fi. As a result, if you’re in a city with a few businesses that offer free, unprotected Wi-Fi, your mobile device may drop the regular cellular connection and attempt to connect to the free, but extremely slow, Wi-Fi hotspots.

By turning off Wi-Fi, you’ll ensure that you only connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when you choose to do so, which will reduce the likelihood of your mobile device dropping the regular cellular connection.

Fix 3: Adjust Smart Network Switch Settings

Apple attempted to develop a system in which an iPhone would not connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot if the connection is poor in the iOS 11 operating system, but since this is a problem that affects individuals who use android devices like as Samsung and Huawei, here are some settings that may assist.

Adjust smart network switch settings on android

The following is a remedy that many of you may find helpful if your phone’s network connection keeps dropping on Android. This option was tested on a Samsung handset, so you may want to look for something similar in your device’s menu.

Pick Settings >> open Connections >> select Wi-Fi >> select Advanced >> then go to Smart Network Switch and make sure it is switched off on your Samsung phone. What this does is prevents your device from automatically switching to Wi-Fi when an open hotspot is within range of your device.

Adjust smart network switch settings on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone, you may use the following option, which is quite similar and should achieve the same results: Select Wi-Fi from the Settings menu, then scroll down to the bottom and check whether Ask to Join Network is switched on; if not, you should have this feature turned on. What this does is that your iPhone will ask for permission to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots on a consistent basis going forward.

Even if none of these options work for you, or if your Android phone does not have settings that are comparable to Samsung’s, a simple solution is to switch off your Wi-Fi until you wish to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Fix 4: Reset Network Settings

If none of the previous solutions we’ve provided work, you might try resetting the network settings on your device to their defaults. When a phone keeps losing network connection, it is likely that your network settings are the source of the problem and that they will need a little reset to their original settings.

To do this on most phones, go to the Settings menu, pick Backup and Reset from the drop-down menu, and then choose the Reset Network Settings option.

Fix 5: Router / Modem Fixes

If your phone’s internet connection continues dropping while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, router, or modem, the issue may be with the router or modem in question.

As the number of connected devices increases, the likelihood of a frequent loss in internet connection increases as well. This is especially true when a Wi-Fi hotspot has a large number of users connected to it.

Check to see whether the phone is compatible with the particular router in question. Try restarting the router, unplugging and replugging it, and checking to see whether the connection is still there.