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Planning a Conference in Thoresta?

When planning a conference in the heart of Thoresta, you can find a variety of packages. The conference package will be tailored to the specific needs of your group, including manniskor (a primary focus) and vart omtalade kok (a center for nature). If you are considering attending a conference in this area visit this website


A stay in one of the hotellflygel in KONFERENS METHOD STOR allows you to experience nature and creativity during your conference. The surroundings, such as nature parks, are conducive to brainstorming and galna kickoffers. Moderna hotellflyglar provide flexibility and natural beauty, whereas nature parks can help you focus your mind. A trip to a nature park can even make you refocus after a lag.

The design of the new Gaustablikk hotell is a perfect example of a creative use of space. It incorporates new areas for a restaurant, lounge, spa and toppstation. The interior design was created by acclaimed Danish architect Anders Koller Tufte. The hotel will have a capacity for about 200 people. You can also have a small dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, where the cuisine is Swedish-inspired.

Hotellflygel i Herrgarden

The Hotellflygel i Herrgarde in KONFERENS MED STOR has recently been renovated and is now the perfect venue for a business trip. The new hotellflygel features a state-of-the-art ljudsystem, lounges, and a dance floor for the ultimate business experience. There are 62 different types of rum to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect drink to complement your next business meeting.

Conferences and events are the best venue for teambuilding activities, and the Thoresta Herrgard offers the perfect setting for both. Their event planning staff can help you make your business conference or meeting a success. The hotel has several meeting rooms, and even an event space where you can host your own wine tasting and social media. It is an ideal setting for social media and photography, and it’s also an ideal location for videoinspelning.

Hotellflygel i Malarens strand

Thoresta Herrgard har 40 hotellrum, 33 dubbelrum, and 7 enkelrum. These rummen are ljusa rogivande and are located in the var hotellflygel. The fyrgardsstil ligger in the strand’s vicinity. Guests at the Herrgarden Konferensrum can overnatt at a nearby hotel.

The hotel is located in a beautiful natural setting. Its location is perfect for conference or business meetings. It is also within easy access of the Krusenberg herrgard, a historic site from the 1600s. This hotel is surrounded by a large park with 47 different types of trees. The conference locating and spa are both excellent. The hotel has a beautiful spa and outdoor spaces.

Hotellflygel i Orebro

“Hotellflygel i Orebro is a great location for attending conferences in the city.” So said a friend who attended the conference. The personal was extremely friendly and helpful. The rooms were airy and clean. I’ve enjoyed staying at Hotellflygels all over the country, and I’ll certainly be returning! And if you’re in the mood for a good rum, then this is the place to be.”