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Poverello Center details plans for newly purchased property

MISSOULA, MONTANA – The Poverello Center is laying out plans to relocate a transitional housing program for homeless veterans to the recently purchased Clark Fork Inn.

Jill Bonny, Executive Director of the Poverello Center, stated that the Housing Montana Heroes program serves about 35 veterans each year because “veterans have unique needs, especially veterans who are experiencing homelessness,” she said.

The transitional housing program assists veterans in getting off the streets and into permanent housing.

“I believe that many people are unaware that we offer excellent services for our veterans. They have a case manager who meets with them regularly and helps them connect with services, find employment and access benefits, and find housing.” Jill Bonny, Executive Director of the Poverello Center

Since 2014, the program has been based on the top floor of the Poverllo Center, with “room for 20 veterans, but they’re in semi-private rooms, so basically it’s two veterans to a room,” according to Bonny.

The acquisition of the Clark Fork Inn will enable the program to grow and provide veterans with private space.

The Poverello Center has purchased the Clark For Inn in Missoula.

“It’s difficult for anyone to interact with 100 people in a building, but it’s especially difficult for veterans. Being able to be in a quieter setting is extremely beneficial to them. “Bonny took note. “It’s also helpful for us during that transition period to have them in a setting that’s much more similar to what it’ll be like when they have their permanent apartment.”

The project is supported by a $1 million grant from the US Veterans Administration and funding from the City of Missoula and Missoula County.

The Poverllo Center is also thinking about the motel’s current tenants. “There are 16 tenants in the 17 units,” said Bonny. The project must be completed by September 2023, according to Bonny, giving them enough time to assist tenants with relocation. Jill Bonny, Executive Director of the Poverello Center

“We are not only legally obligated to assist people in finding housing, but we are also morally obligated to do so. This is exactly what we do daily. We assist people in finding housing, we know what resources to connect them to, and we know what resources are available to assist them in finding housing. We’re determined to assist them in finding housing.”