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Unfortunately the process com android System UI has stopped Samsung Galaxy S4

The Android System UI Error may be pretty stressful. The reason is that users can only choose “OK” and must wait for the System UI to reset itself. Pressing OK does not fix the problem since the “SystemUI has stopped” error returns and crashes the program.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re bothered with “ has stopped”. We will teach you all you need to know about this mistake, and you will be able to solve it quickly by the conclusion of this post.

What is Android’s System UI?

System UI is a system app that functions as a global user interface throughout the Android startup process. Simply put, System UI is continuous processing that provides the operating system’s UI. So everything you do on your phone is thanks to the Android System UI. It starts when the phone turns on and finishes when it turns off.

Background of Android’s System UI error

While many are unsure of the origin of this mistake, it has been discovered that older Android versions like Kitkat 4.4 are prone to receiving it. It begins when a user gets to the home screen and “ UI has stopped” appears up and crashes it. The crash also prevents the user from accessing Google Search. The user must keep restarting the phone till the problem disappears. It is temporary elimination that necessitates a permanent remedy.

What is, unfortunately, the process com Android SystemUI has stopped?

This problem may occur for many causes, but the most common is OS updates. Updating a device’s OS helps repair flaws and enhance the system. However, a faulty OS upgrade might occasionally cause this persistent issue.

This bug may also occur if a faulty installation or upgrade of the Google App occurs. Even after a successful app installation, the “ has stopped” issue may appear owing to OS difficulties.

Some custom ROMs or Firmware may have been flashed. This causes incorrect firmware installation and errors. This may also occur if the user attempts to recover Android data from a cloud or Google account.

In summary, it is impossible to determine the cause of this issue, but the poor installation of the system app, either during an update or a new building, leads to the “ UI has stopped” error.

How to fix the “ has stopped” error quickly?

Method 1: Uninstall all Google App updates or Install the App’s beta version.

This strategy works when Google updates aren’t compatible. This is frequent on Android KitKat smartphones. So users often see the “ has stopped” problem. To fix this issue, the Google App must be reset to factory settings.

Updates from Google
Go to Android Settings
Go to Application manager
Swipe left on the Application Manager screen and choose All.
Select the Google App from the list.
Uninstall Updates –
Because Google is a system default, it cannot be removed. The updates may be released to restore factory settings.

After this, remember to disable Auto-Update for this program.
turn off Google app updates
Visit Google Play
“Google App”
Locate and click the App.
Uncheck Auto-update in the ride’s top three dots.
This will disable Auto-Update for the App and remove the “ UI has stopped” problem. If it doesn’t cure the issue, you may attempt to install the current beta by signing up for the beta program on the Google Play Store.

Method 2: Install official Firmware

This approach is for individuals who have rooted their smartphone and installed a custom ROM or other changes. Custom ROMs may cause the “ has stopped” error. Remove the mistake by following these steps:

Download the official Firmware for your smartphone from a trusted, authoritative source and save it to your device.
Back up any files before moving on.
Install the official Firmware on a custom ROM with an appropriate flashing tool.
The error will be gone after you flash the official Firmware.
The official Firmware is the most stable system developed by the manufacturer for your device. So no errors may accrue.

Method 3: Reset to Factory Settings from Recovery Mode

If none of the preceding ways work, this last approach will assist reduce the mistake. Both techniques work. For a clean and fresh System UI experience, formatting the device from recovery mode is the best solution.

But first, make a backup of any vital data on your smartphone and follow these procedures.

Turn off Phone.
To enter recovery mode, hold down Vol. UP + Home + Power for a few seconds. (or google how to recovery mode for your device model).
The phone will then be put into recovery.
Using the volume up and volume down, go to Wipe Data/ factory reset. Press Power to choose Option.
Select Erase All User Data and wait for it to finish.
The Device will be reset into factory mode, and it will be a new clean start for the device. This method almost eliminates the “ has stopped” problem.
Even if “ has stopped” is vex With the appropriate techniques and solutions, this issue may be avoided, and the user’s smartphone experience can be improved. These solutions have been accepted, tested, and have benefited many people. We hope our approaches help you avoid such mistakes in the future.