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Progressive Grease Distributor

If you’re looking for a reliable progressive grease distributor, you have come to the right place. The manufacturers of these systems include HES Lubemec, LUBRISYS, and ILC. If you don’t know much about them, read this article to learn about the benefits of progressive grease distributor. It may also help you choose the right one for your needs. A progressive grease distributor will help you keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.


ILC, a leading manufacturer of centralized lubrication equipment, offers two types of progressive grease distributors. Both are cost-effective and easier to install than other systems. ILC progressive grease distributors come with either manual or electric pumps to control the lubricant dosage. They have a range of outlets ranging from three to twenty. They provide precise lubricant dispensing for individual friction points. The ILC progressive grease distributor is ideal for industrial and automotive applications.

HES Lubemec

The UK’s HES LubeMec is now the authorised distributor for SKF lubrication systems. The progressive grease distributor provides a complete range of SKF lubrication products. These include safegrease 2 for the paper industry and Multilube for heavy applications. HES LubeMec draws on the extensive expertise of sister companies Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets Ltd and Branch Hydraulic Systems Ltd. Together, they provide a comprehensive service, encompassing distribution, turnkey manufacture, and installation of complex power packs, recirculation oil systems, and on-site service and repair.


LUBRISYS pumps are available for different purposes, including delivering lubricant to the re-lubrication points. They also have an adjustable valve. They are commonly used to lubricate different points in a machine. They are electric pumps. A standard LUBRISYS pump comes with a 30-rpm motor and has a 14cc/stroke flow rate. The manifold comes with an in-built relief valve to release excess grease back into the receptacle.

Lubcon Universal Pvt. Ltd.

Lubcon Universal Pvt. Ltd. is a Construction Company registered in West Bengal. It was formed on 18 September 1975 and is currently classified as a Private Company. It is a Private Company with 3 appointed directors. The company’s registration number is U45201WB1975PTC030229. Its contact information includes a phone number, a website, and a description. You can also view its recent news and updates, including photos and descriptions of the company.

ILC Spider

The ILC Spider progressive grease distributor is widely used in distributing oil and lubricants. It works by delivering lubricant through a single lubrication flow instead of multiple, separate ones. The DPX system is self-monitoring and incorporates an indicating pin to identify its operation. This switch can also be attached to other functions like an electronic controller. This type of distributor is designed for lubrication points and is suitable for various applications.


The Progressive grease distributor JPQ series is a high-performance device for lubrication of pneumatic equipment. Its progressive technology provides regulated oil output and allows for a number of different outlets to be combined into one unit. The JPQ series is available in six standard configurations and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Here are some features of the JPQ. Read on to learn more about this type of distributor and how it can benefit your operation.