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The road map for Qatar 2022 World Cup: 13 teams have qualified

Yeah, you heard it right. 13 teams have now just officially qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The tournament starts taking shape and now we are just a few months away from the grand event. Furthermore, playoff brackets have almost been finalized, with European teams finding out the fated course from the international break.

Qatar 2022 World Cup

Here is the list of the nations that have been qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup mentioned below.

Qatar 2022 World Cup

  1. Serbia
  2. Denmark
  3. Spain
  4. Netherlands
  5. Switzerland
  6. Croatia
  7. France
  8. England
  9. Belgium
  10. Germany
  11. Brazil
  12. Argentina
  13. Qatar

Do you know what makes the Qatar 2022 World Cup so special? It will be the first time that the Qatar appears in the World Cup 2022. Although we have seen many times their neighbors Kuwait and Saudi Arabia participated before but for the Qatar it’s their first time.

The event will be going to take place on April 1, 2022, in Doha and there are 32 different countries divided in to their respective groups.  There are 19 places still to be finalized until June 2022 to play in Qatar 2022 World cup.


Europe is the closest to finishing their qualifying campaign with 1- teams securing the Qatar 2022 World cup.  Yet the defending champion Italy still has not secured its position and it has to work hard to play and qualify.

Furthermore, Italy will be joined by Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, Russia, Wales and Austria in the main tournament.

South America

Brazil and Argentina are the only teams who have been qualified for the Qatar 2022 World cup from South America. While on the other hand Ecuador and Colombia are still not able to secure their spots.


There are many slots that have not yet been claimed by Africa and still, 10 teams have already booked their places for the World cup.


Qatar has become the first Asian team to be qualified for the Qatar 2022 World cup while on the other hand Iran and South Korea are behind and struggling to take the spot.


Lebanon is not out yet and they are still hoping to bring some much-needed relief to their country with qualification, while right now they are in the 4th position. Just behind from the United Arab Emirates.