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Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G!

When you spend a lot of money on a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, you want it to perform well and be bug-free all the time. The reality, on the other hand, can be quite different. Problems with network services are the most prevalent ones that you’ll encounter. It’s possible that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data will all be down during this period of time. The good news is that much of it can be remedied with a few simple tips. Resetting the network settings is one of them. What’s the problem? If you’re worried about anything, don’t be. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G network settings.

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When You Reset Your Network Settings, What Happens?

It is possible to reset the network settings so that the data and connections can be restored to their factory configuration. Let’s go over it a little more.

Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

To get the most out of a new phone, you connect Bluetooth devices, set up a Wi-Fi network, and so on. And if you choose this option, everything will be wiped clean and restored to its original state.

When Should You Perform a Network Reset?

Most smartphone problems are network-related. So, choose this option if:

  • Pairing your phone with Bluetooth devices fails or the connection drops.
  • When you encounter problems with Wi-Fi — connecting to a network or maintaining a connection.
  • No signal, problems making calls, or no SIM.

These are some situations where resetting network settings is a good idea.

Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Here’s how to reset your network:

  • Apps tray open
  • Go to General > Settings.
  • Reset > Reset the network
  • Reset settings:
  • Enter a Pin or pattern if you have one.
  • Tap Reset to confirm.

You will then receive a confirmation message.

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