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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Software Update Issues?

Samsung Galaxy S10 has just started getting updates to the latest Android, and some people complain about its update. So, how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 software update issues? Did you ask?

Users on forums have experienced decreased performance after downloading the latest Samsung S10 software update.


In February 2021, the second anniversary of the Samsung S10 series was marked. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has been one of the most successful product lines in the company’s history.

Samsung said that it would extend software support for phones launched after 2019 from a minimum of three years to at least four years with the introduction of the newest Galaxy handsets this year.

Samsung’s S10 series received many upgrades before its official debut, and consumers encountered a few difficulties. To learn more about the Samsung S10 software upgrade problems, keep reading this article.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Software Update Issues

The Samsung S10 series is running Android 11, but by the middle of 2022, it is anticipated to be upgraded to Android 12.

The June Security Patch and a few privacy modifications have just been applied to these devices, and users are now reporting several difficulties.

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The update reportedly slows down and unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. After downloading the Samsung S10 software update, several customers reported experiencing issues. In addition, the phone’s battery life has deteriorated dramatically, and its ability to multitask between programs.

In addition, customers have reported decreased network reception, a degraded camera, and system settings that were altered after installing the Samsung software update.

Previous Samsung Software Issues 

The same difficulties arose when the Samsung S10 got the Android 11 upgrade in February 2021.

One of the most common problems was a rapid loss of battery power when the gadget was unplugged.

After unplugging the phone from the charger, even those with just a few applications loaded and were not linked to a Wi-Fi internet connection saw a dramatic decrease in battery life.

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The January 2021 security patch was included in the OneUI 3.0 update for Samsung devices. Previous firmware and security upgrades for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series have been extensive.

As early as September 2020, OneUI 2.5 was released. In addition, a beta version of OneUI 3.0 was released in December 2020, and a stable version was released in January 2021.