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Why is my Samsung A21s not charging?

Smartphones are widely used by everyone just like a21s. With this little device, you can still communicate with your family and friends. Any system, though, will eventually lose its charge. It seems that all that is required is that the gadget be connected to its USB charging cord and that the procedure be allowed to run its course. Despite this, the Samsung Galaxy A21s phone has been known to not charge completely. In this case, what should you do and how should you fix the problem?

Why Doesn’t Samsung Galaxy A21s Charge

There are a variety of factors that might contribute to a slow or malfunctioning phone charging, including:

The USB port has been damaged or is being affected by dust particles; the plugin the connector is not securely fastened; the cable wire has been deformed; the Android operating system is not functioning properly; the battery is malfunctioning; the processor is under a lot of strain; the phone is charging at the incorrect temperature setting.
Fortunately, you should be able to resolve the issue regardless of the underlying reason. You can resolve the problem on your own, without the need for professional help.

If the smartphone has not been exposed to moisture (which is the cause of charging issues), it is advised that it be checked from the outside. It’s also possible that the bulging of the casing is due to a malfunctioning battery.

Use a flashlight to illuminate the USB port on the smartphone. Check the gadget for deformations or obstructions on the interior of it. If required, clean the USB port with a toothpick or other thin object to avoid damaging the phone.

Immediately call the repair services if you are experiencing an emergency situation, such as a bloated battery or another serious issue. It’s likely that repairing a smartphone like this is no longer an option. In order to avoid this, the state of the device should be closely checked while it is in use.

However, as a consequence of the USB cable being out of commission, the smartphone charging rate may no longer increase the percentage of the battery that is charged. Even if the cord seems to be in good condition, you may experiment with a different cable and charger. This will usually result in the charging process being restored to its regular functioning when these things have been exchanged.

Other ways to fix the issue

It is recommended that you continue your software investigation if the charger, USB cable, Samsung Galaxy A21s smartphone connection, and battery do not seem to be the source of the problem. It is common for charging problems to occur as a result of problems with the Android operating system. In this scenario, you may resolve the problem by restoring the system to its factory settings:

  • Go to the phone’s settings and choose Bluetooth.
  • Select “Recovery and reset” from the drop-down menu.
  • To return to the default settings, click the “Reset settings” option.
  • The method completely deletes all of the files from the storage unit. It is recommended that you create a backup copy of your data using the settings menu in order to prevent losing essential information.

Why is the Samsung Galaxy A21s phone Charging Slowly?

When the smartphone is linked to an electrical connection, the system will often charge at a snail’s pace, which is inconvenient. It is possible for the charge indicator to display on the screen, but the charge rate does not rise or does so only after a significant amount of time has elapsed.

There are a variety of causes for this (faulty port, cable failure, system failure), but there are also additional difficulties that might cause charging to be delayed:

high demand placed on the processor (games, internet surfing, films); blockage of the power supply owing to excessive case heating; use of a cable or power supply that was not originally included with the device
When users encounter this problem, it is advised that they detach the item from the outlet and reconnect it using a new cable and power source. If this procedure does not resolve the problem and the system continues to charge slowly, you must either reset the settings or call a repair company.

How to avoid this issue in the future on a21s

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your smartphone from shutting off while charging:

Only original charging accessories should be used. If the cable or power source is not readily accessible, a whole new one should be purchased.

It is not recommended to charge the gadget in a hot or cold place. Direct sunlight should not be allowed to influence the equipment.

While charging your phone, refrain from engaging in any other resource-intensive tasks.

Cleaning and monitoring the battery on a regular basis may be accomplished with the use of specific app connections (like Nova Battery Tester).

Following these instructions will reduce the likelihood of some problems with your smartphone’s charging arising in the future, especially if you have an older smartphone. Take good care of your mobile device and keep in mind that the phone, like you, need rest.