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Samsung Cloud is closing down – so migrate your photos and files

Yeah, the shocking news has just come down that Samsung Cloud is closing down, and this news has just shacking the market. Let us discuss it more.

Samsung Cloud is closing down – so migrate your photos and files.


It is possible to generate backups of your data or free up local storage space on your Samsung smartphone using Samsung Cloud, a cloud storage service that lets you save applications, music, and other things online.

On the other hand, Samsung is going to begin the process of reducing the availability of this service, which will include the removal of the option to save images and data off-device. Soon, users will only be able to store lightweight items, such as contacts, calendars, and notes, on the Samsung Cloud platform.

According to a notification on the website, automatic picture and file sync will be enabled by Microsoft OneDrive instead, but only if users complete the required steps before the deadline. ( Samsung Cloud is closing down )

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Samsung Cloud deadlines


The speed at which the Samsung Cloud will be shut down may vary depending on where you are in the world. Group 1, which includes the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and many European nations, are different from Group 2, which provides for most of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Group 1 deadlines are as follows:

It will be necessary for Group 1 to convert their Samsung Cloud data to OneDrive by the end of tomorrow, March 31. Users of affected smartphones should get a notification prompting them to initiate the data transfer procedure. The process is made simple owing to a connection with Microsoft OneDrive.

The deadline for Group 1 customers to download their Samsung Cloud data to their smartphone or a computer is June 30 if this date is not met. Beginning on July 1, all photographs and data stored in the Samsung Cloud will be permanently erased, and they will no longer be retrievable. ( Samsung Cloud is closing down )

Group 2 has been granted a little extra time to complete the required preparations for the next event. These users have until May 31 to move their data to OneDrive, and they have until August 31 to retrieve their data manually from their local computer. The Samsung Cloud will no longer save any photographs or data uploaded by any user, in any location, as of September 1. ( Samsung Cloud is closing down )

Anyone who currently has a Premium Storage membership may anticipate their plan being discontinued on either April 1 (Group 1) or June 1 (Group 2), and they may be eligible for a refund.


OneDrive storage capacity


Although free Microsoft OneDrive accounts are typically limited to 5GB of storage space, anybody transferring from Samsung Cloud will be provided with 15GB of storage space at no additional cost, the same amount of storage space as the free Samsung account. ( Samsung Cloud is closing down )

The additional OneDrive storage space, on the other hand, will expire after one year. To keep their data safe, customers will either have to pay to expand their OneDrive storage space or move their data to another cloud backup provider such as an external hard drive or portable SSD.