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Samsung Fast Charging Not Working? Try These Fixes

Those who don’t want to waste time waiting for their phones to charge before heading out for an evening with friends and family will appreciate the fast charging function on their phones. After just a few minutes of charging, you may use your phone for many hours. Many of Samsung’s most popular smartphones are equipped with quick charging technology.

Despite the fact that it is a major selling feature for Samsung, it may also be a source of contention at times. If fast charging is not functioning on your Galaxy phone, here are a few remedies you may try.

1. Your Charger Doesn’t Support Fast Charging

In order for rapid charging to function, your phone charger must be capable of doing so. The charger that came with your phone most certainly does, but you may need to purchase an additional charger, as was the case with the Samsung S21.

Fast charging is not compatible with chargers that do not carry the words “Quick Charging,” “Adaptive Fast Charging,” or anything similar on the label. This will result in a much slower charging time for your phone.

The USB cable that comes with these chargers is also rather brittle, which might have an effect on their performance. So, before to making any additional improvements, make sure to address these two issues.

2. Clean the Charger Port to fix samsung fast charging

Fast charging may also fail owing to the collection of dirt or residue in the charging port, which is another probable cause. If there is dirt or lint in your charger, it will not be able to perform at its maximum capacity or possibly at all.

Remove any dirt, filth, or other remnants from the surface using a toothpick or needle. You may also use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the charging port by moving it in circular movements within the charging port. Afterwards, leave it in a cool, dry location for at least an hour before using. The liquid in the dock will naturally evaporate, so you don’t have to be concerned.

3. Change the Charging Outlet to fix samsung fast charging

Another issue is that a malfunctioning outlet does not provide enough current to facilitate rapid charging. Your charger will not be able to pull the power at the necessary pace to fast-charge your phone if there is insufficient power available to it.

To test whether it makes a difference, try charging your device from a different outlet.

Any additional power source, such as an external power bank, should have enough wattage to allow rapid charging on your Samsung smartphone if you want to do so.

4. Charge Your Phone in Power Saving Mode

Power-saving mode is now supported by every Galaxy phone, including the Galaxy S5. It may significantly reduce the number of background applications and processes that use system resources, allowing your phone’s battery to survive for much longer periods of time.

It is possible that the charging process will be accelerated due to the little battery depletion. As a result, you should think about charging your smartphone in power-saving mode. You’ll find it in Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Power saving mode (if you haven’t already).

If fast charging was working well only a few days ago, check to see what new applications you put on your phone lately. When you’ve identified the programmes that seem to be taking a substantial amount of power, try temporarily disabling or deleting them to ensure that they are not the source of the problem.

Finally, if you are keeping the anti-virus programmes running in the background, you may switch them off to see if this resolves the issue.

5. Turn Off Mobile Data or Wi-Fi

In the event that you don’t want to have to put your phone into power-saving mode every time it is plugged in, turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data may be reasonable compromise. 
Even when you are not using your phone, these connections may be consuming power from your home’s electrical system. 
Turning them off may help to reduce the amount of time your phone takes to charge.
It is usually best to put your phone on Airplane mode before attaching your charger in order to make things simpler and faster throughout the process.