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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging Issue

The inability to charge or the delayed charging of most Android smartphones is a fairly frequent problem, which is true for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Many consumers are experiencing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not charging problem. If you are one of those users, the following are some remedies that you may do to resolve the problem.

Potential Fixes For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging Issue

Step 1: Use the correct charger on Note 4

In the first instance, be certain that you are using the Samsung charger and cable that came with your Galaxy Note 4 handset when you purchased it. For the simple reason that many chargers have a variety of voltage specifications, a different charger may not be compatible with the Galaxy Note 4.

If your phone is charging from your laptop or computer, you should try charging it from a power outlet as well.

 Step 2: Let the device charge for a while before using it

It is possible that the Galaxy Note 4 will get completely depleted and that it will take several minutes for the charging to have any impact. As a result, it is recommended that you keep the phone charging for at least 30 minutes before attempting to use it.

Step 3: Fix USB port of Note 4

Because the issue may develop if there is poor contact between the MicroUSB charger and the USB port, the first step is to inspect the USB port itself. It might be caused by a manufacturing flaw or constant plugging and unplugging.

Consequently, after shutting off your phone, remove the battery. To level, the tab within the USB port of your phone, use something tiny, such as a toothpick. Replace the battery and do another test.

Step 4: Change the cable

If none of the above techniques successfully resolved the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging problem, the charging cable may be defective. So give it a go with a different charger and see what happens. If the charging cord seems to be in working order, the wall adapter should be checked.

Step 5: Clean the port

The charging port might get clogged with dirt from time to time, preventing the connection from working properly. Consequently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is unable to charge properly. Check it out, and if you see any dirt, clean it out with a little pin while being very cautious not to damage it.

Step 6: Update or rollback the OS

The Android version has a significant impact. Upgrade to the most recent version of Android if you are still using an earlier version to determine whether your issue has been repaired or not. However, if the situation is reversed and you have previously upgraded it and are now experiencing this problem, you should revert to the previous version to address the problem.

Step 7: Check the battery of Galaxy Note 4

If none of the measures above are successful, your battery may be faulty. Remove the battery and test it with another battery if you have one to see if it works. If everything functions fine, replace the battery, and everything will be back to normal.