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Samsung Galaxy S4 System UI has stopped: Here’s how to fix it?

The System UI has stopped errors, also known as com. android. System UI has stopped or System UI has stopped responding is one of the most frequent errors when using an Android smartphone. During my phone conversation, I received this notification every few seconds. In this post, I will explain how to resolve this mistake, the underlying cause of the error, and which approach I used to fix the problem for myself successfully.

Reason For “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”.

In addition, I learned that “Unfortunately, System UI has halted” had occurred. The problem is a system UI not responding error that often occurs among Android users, and the cause of the error might vary from phone to phone. Some users have stated that the issue is caused by third-party software, while others have reported that a custom ROM causes the problem, and a large number of users have reported that an update to the Google app causes the error.

How to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error in Android

Uninstalling Google App Updates was the method that I found to be successful. The answer may be different for each user; thus, you should try some of the alternative methods listed below.

To begin, consider resetting your smartphone before proceeding to the real solution. In most situations, rebooting the device has resolved the problem.

Restart you device 

It is possible that just restarting your device would resolve the problem. So why not give it a go once? To continue your device, follow these steps:

  • The power button after a phone call
  • Unlock the screens of the devices by pressing the power button.
  • To bring up a menu, press and hold the “Power” button until it appears.
  • Select “Power off” from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the gadget to turn off before continuing.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds to turn on the device again.
  • Check to see whether this has resolved your issue or not.

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”

Method 1: – Uninstall Google App updates 

Several people have reported that deleting the Google app updates has resolved their problem. According to the report, the mistake was triggered by an update to Google App. To get rid of the error, use the following procedure.

  • Google App Updates should be uninstalled.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu. Navigate to the Application Settings menu (In some devices, application setting is named as apps).
  • All applications may be found here >> Locate the Google App by clicking here. Updates should be uninstalled.
  • Now Restart your device and check whether the problem has been resolved.
  • Please remember that you should choose “Do not auto-update app.” As a result, Google applications will no longer be updated automatically, resulting in the same problem. To select an alternative, go to the
  • Google Play Store >> Select three horizontal lines by clicking on them>> Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select the option “Do not auto-update app” from the drop-down menu.

Method 2: – Scan 

Most customers have reported that scanning their device with the CM Security App has resolved the “Unfortunately, System UI has halted” error. This solution has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, and I am confident that you will be able to resolve your problem with it as well.

  • Check the phone’s security using the CM Security App.
  • First, you must download and install the CM Security App on your smartphone.
  • Once the application has been installed, it should be launched.
  • After that, you may scan the phone with the CM Security App, and you’re ready to go!

You should be able to correct the problem at this point. However, if you are still experiencing issues, try the options listed below.

Method 3: – Reset App preference 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu. Navigate to the Application Settings menu (In some devices application setting is named Apps).
  • Go to All the Apps > > and choose “All the Apps.”
  • Select the Menu Key/Button from the drop-down menu. It may even be possible to see three dots in the upper right corner of the screen on specific devices; click on them.
  • You will be presented with various options>>> Select “Reset app preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • A dialogue box will show as a result of this >> Take the time to read the information. To reset the applications, choose RESET APPS from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, restart your device and see whether the problem has been resolved.

Method 4: – Use safe mode 

As a result of this procedure, you will determine whether or not the third-party program is responsible for the issue. In safe mode, all third-party applications are blocked, allowing us to determine if the problem is caused by a third-party program or something else. Make use of Safe Mode.

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  • On your screen, you will notice several various power options.
  • Continue to press and hold the Power Off option for an extended period.
  • Several seconds later, a pop-up window will appear, requesting that you reboot your computer or device in Safe Mode.
  • To proceed, press OK.
  • Immediately after starting the device in Safe Mode, check whether the problem has been resolved. If there is no error, a third-party application may be causing the pain. As a result, try removing the newly downloaded software and see whether the fault is resolved or if it continues.