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Samsung Galaxy Won’t Turn On? Here’s the Fix!

Have you ever gone to use your Galaxy phone only to be met with a blank screen glaring back at you? Despite pressing the power button, no homepage seems to have been shown. In the event that your Samsung phone would not switch on, it may be a frustrating scenario, and you may be wondering how this could have occurred to begin with.

We can appreciate the difficulties that this circumstance might provide. Consequently, we’ve included some useful tips and tactics below to assist you in resolving this problem. This is a typical issue that Samsung customers have noticed, and it is possible that your phone has simply died due to a software bug that has led it to malfunction.

If you’ve gone through our tutorial and your Samsung phone still isn’t working, it may be time to visit our shop and speak with one of our technicians.

Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy turn on?

Having a phone that won’t power on and isn’t showing any indications of life may be a very frustrating experience. Perhaps all that is required is a simple reset of your Samsung gadget. Alternatively, it may be necessary to restore it. However, before you worry and run to the shop to get this fixed, check out all of our suggestions listed below before you panic.

Is it been a long since you last turned on your Samsung with a fully charged battery inside? It’s possible that this is the root cause of your phone’s inability to start. It is possible that your phone only needs charging; however, if this does not work, the battery will need to be replaced.

  • A software crash may need a soft/hard reset, a restoration, and a software update on your device.
  • Is it possible that your phone has come into touch with water?
  • If you have tried all of our software recommendations and you are still having trouble resetting your phone, it is possible that the hardware of your phone is at a problem, and it may be necessary to come in for service.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy That Won’t Turn On?

Charge your phone

The battery on your phone may have run out of energy, which might be the source of your phone’s inability to turn on. Try connecting a charging wire to your smartphone and then connecting that connection to a power outlet, allowing the phone to rest for around 15 minutes. If everything has been completed successfully, you should see the Samsung logo. If this is the case, continue reading our advice!

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy in Safe Mode

Some typical reasons why your Samsung won’t turn on include the fact that some apps placed on your smartphone may not be compatible with the software running on your device. Using applications and programmes that have been downloaded from uncertified sources might cause your device to sluggish and perhaps crash. If you typically use your phone in Safe Mode and the overall performance is satisfactory, it is possible that third-party software is to blame for the issue.

Soft Reset your Samsung Galaxy

In the odd occasion that your phone becomes unresponsive, a simple solution would be to conduct a soft reset on your device to resolve the problem. This may be accomplished by pressing and holding both the volume and power buttons for roughly 10 seconds. This will cause your device to reset.

Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy

To do a hard reset on your device, press and hold both the volume up and power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds more. This will detach the battery and perform a system restore, which should bring your phone back up to full functionality.

If the above doesn’t work

It is possible that your Samsung Galaxy phone has a hardware fault that will need to be evaluated by one of our specialist technicians in store if you have tried all of the suggestions above and your smartphone still won’t switch on!

However, it is beneficial to check with Samsung to see whether you are still covered under warranty before coming to see us. Perhaps they will be able to assist you with this problem! If you still have a Samsung warranty, repairs may be covered by the company; however, if your warranty has expired, you will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

Alternatively, if your Samsung warranty has expired, you may bring your smartphone into one of our shops so that our experts can inspect it. We would recommend performing a diagnostic on your phone to rule out the possibility that the problem is with the hardware. During our diagnostics examination, our expert specialists will examine all components of your device to evaluate their performance and find the root cause of the problem that is preventing your Samsung from responding or turning on. A regular price of £20 is charged for this service, and the procedure may take up to 48 hours to complete. Once this is finished, our staff will provide you with a price for the cost of the repair. Our Samsung phone repairs are detailed on this page.