Business is booming.

Senior living apartment complex breaks ground in Missoula

On Wednesday, community members gathered to break ground on a new 36-unit senior living apartment complex.

“In Missoula, there is a demand for senior housing, particularly affordable senior housing,” said project manager Mike Robinson.

The Hogan will be available to people aged 55 and older, with Robinson estimating that rates would begin about $950.

“There’s a lot of common space built into the building,” Robinson added, “so people can come together and interact and establish community inside the buildings.”

The adjacent First Presbyterian Church recently sold the property on South Sixth Street West, which is close to downtown and the University District.

Pastor Dan Cravy stated, “Just offer gratitude for this worthwhile attempt, this vision on behalf of kindness, life, health, and flourishing for so many people.”

(Image courtesy of KPAX)
The structure will assist solve Missoula’s housing issue, according to principal architect Colin Lane, as local elders experience the effects.

He reminisced about a City Council meeting from the previous year.

“About a year ago, there was a zoom meeting to receive preliminary clearance for this project, and many hundred individuals grabbed the opportunity to speak during the open floor section of City Council to talk about the housing problem.” “These were people who were living it, who were on the verge of being evicted from their flats because their rent had risen,” Lane said.

Lane described the endeavour as one that he was happy to be a part of.

“As companies, churches, and a community, we have the chance to face it front on and do what’s right for our neighbours,” Lane said.

The project is supported by $8.4 million in private financing from around 20 local investors, including some members of the First Presbyterian Church.

The housing units are planned to be available for application this spring, with construction projected to be completed in the spring of 2023.