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How To Set Up Parental Controls On TikTok?

Concerns about the setup of parental controls on TikTok often come up. TikTok is a twelve-year-old-and-up app. Thus it is safe to use for teenagers. While this is true, some submitted videos may be too intense or explicit for teens to witness. TikTok allows parents or guardians to monitor their children’s consumption of content to ensure it is safe and age-appropriate. Parents can also set limits on app usage time.

There are several ways to set up parental controls on TikTok:

  • Family Pairings
  • Screen Time Control
  • ‘Restricted Mode’

Both Android and Apple phones can enable the settings. I will explain how to monitor your child’s TikTok activity. TikTok categorizes setup parental controls on TikTok under ‘Digital Wellbeing.’

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1. Family Pairings 

In this context, TikTok is demonstrating to parents of young consumers that they are aware of the company’s propensity to negatively impact a child. As a parent, you must first create an account of your own before you can participate in family pairing. Make sure to explain to your teenager why this is necessary as you go through this process. To activate it, complete the procedures outlined below:

SetUp Parental Controls TikTok

  • Log in to the app on your phone. Use the teen’s phone.
  • The ‘Me’ button in the bottom right opens your profile tab.
  • When it opens, click the three dots in the top right. Setup and privacy screen will appear.
  • Tap ‘Digital Wellbeing’ under ‘General.’
  • Then select ‘Family Pairing,’ which is disabled by default.
  • For yourself, choose ‘Parent’ and ‘Teen’ for the teen.
  • ‘Keeping TikTok family-friendly’ will appear. Tap ‘Next.’
  • A QR (Quick Response) will appear on your screen. Ask the teen to scan with his phone. Yours is now linked to theirs. The parent will be notified if the teen disables the feature.

Notably, the family pairing makes a parent a co-owner of the account. They can report harmful accounts, comments, or users for the teen’s safety. Family pairing also controls:

2. Screen Time Control

As in the last stage, you use the teen’s phone app (or yours if you activated Family Pairing).

After ‘General,’ tap ‘Digital Wellbeing.’ Select ‘Screen Time Management’.

Tap the red ‘Screen Time Management’ button. Set a password to help you regulate your teen’s app usage. The setting will then be activated.

3. Restricted Mode

It is a crucial setting. If you want TikTok to filter improper content for your target demographic (teenagers), turn this on. TikTok has ways of detecting such content, but it hasn’t told its users how.

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the stages that are similar to the ones in the two sections above: In my settings, I have a restricted mode.

If you set a password while enabling screen time, you won’t be asked to set one again here.

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