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SPORTS – First Ever Metaverse FIFA22 Hosted By Qatar

The Aspire Ladies Sports Hall in Doha, Qatar, hosted the first Middle Eastern metaverse FIFA gaming event from May 24 to 28. In the EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup, 16 players competed for various rewards, enabling FIFA fans across the world to see their favorite players go head-to-head.

First-Ever Metaverse FIFA22 Hosted By Qatar

An e-sports competition held by Ooredoo Nation – Gamers’ Land will award the top prize of $25,000, while the first runner-up will get $15,000 in prize money.

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There will be a $5,000 prize for the second-place finisher and the fourth-place finisher. There is currently a live stream of the EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup accessible on the competition’s website, but spectators may also watch the full tournament on YouTube.


SPORTS - First Ever Metaverse FIFA22 Hosted By Qatar

According to Nasser bin Hamad al-Thani, Ooredoo’s Chief Commercial Officer, this move “aligns with Ooredoo’s strategic commitment to investing in innovation for wherever it will lead them”.

A rising number of sports players are turning to bitcoin and blockchain technology to invent new strategies for competing. There are already more than 65 million players in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

The Future of E-Sports in the Metaverse

I believe that electronic sports are certainly moving towards the metaverse. Just to identify methods to improve concrete metaverse development projects for the community, the Global E-sports Federation organized a council earlier this month.

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For the sake of our whole #worldconnected community, we’ve formed the GEF Metaverse Council in order to develop new ideas, give them a voice, and help build the metaverse reality. The council’s developers and experts stated this.

“E-sports” has a limitless amount of potential for blockchain applications, according to Flare Network CEO and council chair Hugo Philion.

About Metaverse

In the Metaverse, users may engage with one other in the form of 3D avatars, which is a game-changing platform.

While most games merely allow for text or voice chat, this metaverse approach ensures that spectators, like those participating in the tournament, have various possibilities to connect with one another throughout the game.