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This Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media: Here’s how to view it?

Your presence here clearly shows me that you are facing any issue regarding Tumblr, and now you want to know this Tumblr may contain sensitive media how to fix it? 

When you are a fan of art and craft, it is tough to stay away from the mania that has engulfed the internet. Additionally, it provides sufficient opportunities for networking and marketing your material because of the large number of creative people in the area. Particularly beneficial to aspiring bloggers and content producers, the platform offers unique possibilities that are difficult to come by on larger social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.

When browsing Tumblr, you may have come across the notification “This Tumblr may contain sensitive media,” which means that the page contains sensitive material. Have you ever been curious about what it is? What is causing it to appear there?

If you have no idea, continue reading to find out!

What is This Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media?

“This Tumblr may contain sensitive media,” says the most recent alert supplied by Tumblr, displays when the Safe Mode is enabled on a computer. It is done in order to filter out the NSFW material that is regularly encountered on the site. Individuals who want to see NSFW information will be unable to do so using this specific model. You will no longer be able to publish or view such content kinds on Tumblr as of right now.

Right after that, we know what you’re thinking — you want to skip Safe Mode, right? It would be best if you could study more about it first, before making any decisions about it.

Why was safe mode promoted? 

One of the most popular categories on Tumblr was NSFW material, which stands for “Not Suitable For Work” stuff. Everything from photographs to artwork to unique memes and GIFs was accessible for this specific genre, including everything from pictures to artwork. What distinguished it from the other genres was the fact that all of the material was intended for those aged 18 and over, and there were no limits on how they might use social media.

Once such 18+ material became unpopular with advertisers, Tumblr opted to phase out the whole genre in 2021, therefore putting an end to the entire industry. Immediately after this development, the social networking site introduced a Safe Mode that separated NSFW material from the rest of the content on the specific site.

On Tumblr, the Safe Mode is reportedly on by default, according to the claims. There is, of course, always a way where there is a will. What we mean by this is that you may get rid of the Safe Mode by following a few simple procedures. To find out how to continue reading below.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr from Your Desktop?

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Log in to Tumblr using your username and password.
  • Please wait while you are routed to the Dashboard page.
  • To the right of your picture, click on it to enlarge it.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • The Safe Mode option may be found by navigating to the Filtering section of the Settings menu. It is usually switched on by default.
  • By clicking on the grey button, you may turn it off.
  • Don’t be afraid to click on some NSFW material.
  • It will link you to an NSFW blog, and a Safe Mode Warning will appear at some point as a result of this.
  • To the right of the warning, choose “Go to my dashboard.”
  • You’ll see the NSFW blog option on the right-hand side of your Dashboard after logging in.
  • To see this Tumblr, click on the “View this Tumblr” icon.
  • The blog will open in a new window in your browser.
  • It is possible that you will be happy and satisfied after watching the NSFW material, even if the technique to do so is time-consuming and seems to be complex.