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Top 5 best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download in 2021

Your presence here clearly shows us that you are looking for the best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download. Well, you are in the right place because in this article we will be discussing it. Furthermore, we will also tell you all the points you need to keep in mind while choosing the best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download. 

After spending hours on research, testing 50+ different antiviruses, and looking at every aspect of it, from the user interface to security, you named it, now we have finally made a list of the top 5 best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download in 2021-2022. If that sounds interesting to you, read the rest of the article to find the antivirus that works best for you. 

best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download


But, before we move further, I want to clear one thing at the beginning of the article, and that is because with the help of this article you will be able to know about the best antiviruses for windows ten but remember all of them are free. You will get some basic scans from them. So, that’s why we highly recommend you go for a paid version of them to get some additional perks such as safe browsing, VPN, and Real-time protection. 

Does your previous antivirus on your PC is good enough? 

Some of you may say that I already have antivirus because my windows come with the Window defender, but my question to you is, is it good enough? Not because if it is working fine, you probably don’t come to this article searching for the best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download. 

You may have noticed that Window defender rarely got any update in a year, and new viruses are updating day by day, so that’s why depending on this antivirus is not safe anymore. This article is what this is all about. 

We can easily recommend that all of the free antiviruses for your PC that we are going to recommend you are way better than Windows defender. So, you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum security features for free. 

Just remember you will not get all the features for free, but if you want to taste these antiviruses premium features before you purchase, you can also go for their free trial. 

How do we rate the best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download?

Yes, this might be the second question that pops up in your mind: how we rate these antiviruses, and the key factors we have considered while choosing the best antiviruses for windows ten free download. All of these factors are mentioned below with their little explanation so you won’t face any difficulty. 

  • Malware detection

In my various article on antiviruses review, I have discussed these points several times that malware detection is the first point you need to keep in mind when choosing the antivirus for your Windows. We have intentionally downloaded some malware files into our PC to see if these antiviruses software works more effectively than Windows defender or not. Fortunately, all of them have detected the malware way faster than Window defender. We have also enabled real-time protection to increase their accuracy. 

  • Ease to use

After comparing malware, we have considered it easy to use our 2nd point. Window defender and other antiviruses offer the same clean user interface that is very easy to use. The user interface is straightforward and displays all the features right in front.

  • Additional features

Yeah, you heard it right; some of the antiviruses that we will recommend you offer some premium features free of cost, such as password manager, VPN, etc. We have personally tested them, and they work fine. 

  • Genuinely free

Now, this may sound strange to you, but some antivirus providers try to trick you into using their antivirus for some time as a free trial, and when you see their features are helpful, then they force you to buy their premium or paid version. In our research, we have chosen antiviruses that are genuinely free. 

Top 5 best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download in 2021

  • Bitdefender 

First on our list of best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download is Bitdefender. You probably heard the name of it as it is the market leader in the antivirus industry. Bitdefender scores 100% in the malware detection test. I loved Bitdefender because it works in the background and only notifies you if it sees some suspicious activity. Bitdefender scanning speed is up to the mark as compared to the other antiviruses on this list. Bitdefender free plan will protect you against all types of malware and phishing attacks. 

Bitdefender vs Avast

  • Avast

When it comes to the best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download, you cant forget Avast. It is one of the best antivirus software available in the market, and to be honest, and I use Avast. The battle between the Avast and the Bitdefender is going, and if you want to know which one offers the best security, we have a separate article on it. You can read more about them by clicking on Avast vs Bitdefender

  • Total AV

best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download

You can’t go wrong with Total AV. To be honest Total AV is the only antivirus that we have looked for in every perspective but still could not find a flaw in it. Even its free version offers a variety of features, from malware scanning to phishing, you named it. It is also one of the cheapest antiviruses that you can buy to increase your security more. We also have a separate and detailed article on Total AV if you want to read more about them. 

  • Avira

best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download

Next on our list is Avira. It is available on all different platforms. Avira has the most user-friendly interface and offers all essential functions, including VP, phishing protection, and malware protection. Avira, you can read more about it by clicking here

  • Comodo Cyber Security

Comodo cyber Security is a new antivirus offering a lot of the premium features accessible for now. It also scores 100% in our malware detection test and offers a complete package, and it is also accessible for windows ten, and that’s why we include it in our best antiviruses for Windows 10 free download.