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Vancouver storm: A state of emergency has been declared in British Columbia

The news has just come that a state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian western province of British Colombia due to the Vancouver storm. The local news sources claim that the storm cut roads and rails and links directly to the region.

Vancouver storm

It has been seen that the Canadian Armed Forces has just arrived and trying to help thousands of people trapped by the Vancouver storm.


Prime minister Justin Trudeau pledged assistance when he visit the W.D.C and he said that troops would be helped and rebuilt soon.

Local news reported that one was unfortunately killed and two people are missing.

Vancouver storm

The impact that has caused this storm is still uncleaned by weather experts but currently, they are saying that sea surface temperature has just warmed the air and produces more energy that causes this cyclone. Due to this Vancouver storm currently, it’s starting raining over there.

What John Horgan has to say?

British Columbia Premier has to say that this emergency has been taken place around 12:00 local time or for your convenience ( 20:00 GMT ). He said this in the news conference on Wednesday.  He also says this in a press conference that travel restrictions to that area have been done and we will ensure that essential goods will reach to the communities.

More About Vancouver storm

The rains and winds have been just stoped on Tuesday after several days in the afternoon. Whether people forecasted that rain is again going to be started by the end of this week.

What about the people on the Top?

Vancouver stormExecutives said this in the press conference that on Wednesday helicopters has also dropped food supplies to the people and also armed forces provide them the aid. Vancouver storm has done a major damage to the British Colombian people

What Mayor has to say?

On Wednesday at the same conference Mayor was also present and he said that water levels in the nearby river is rising and he was warned about it.

The situation is getting worse day by day and all we can do is pray and that’s the quick update on the Vancouver storm by the Missoula news guild.