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Videos Loading Slow On Android: Here’s How To Fix It

Do you want to know why your youtube videos loading slow on android? Even if you have a very fast internet connection, it’s annoying when YouTube takes a long time to load.

I know that more people using YouTube could make buffering take longer, but that doesn’t happen very often. If YouTube is always running slowly for you, there is something wrong with you.

If you’re having trouble with slow YouTube buffering on your computer or Android phone, I have a few tips that should help. Let’s see which of these suggestions fixes the problem with slow YouTube.

Note: There’s no magic way to make YouTube load faster. You need a reliable internet speed of at least 1 Mbps to watch YouTube videos.

When I list these tips, I assume that you already have a good internet connection but still have trouble with YouTube.

Videos Loading Slow On Android: Here’s How To Fix It

A problem with your Browser usually causes a slow YouTube stream on a desktop. Here are some tips that should fix a desktop’s slow buffering.

Remember that some of these tips also apply to Android users, so you should check them out even if you’re only having trouble with slow buffering on your phone.

1. Block CDNs To Directly Accessing YouTube Videos

If your ISP is slowing down your YouTube streaming, it could be because the videos are being sent to you through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). To fix this, you can use your PC’s firewall to block IP addresses that connect to these CDNs. Here are the two groups of IP addresses you need to block. and

I’ll show you in Windows how to block these IP address ranges. Here are some ways to block an IP address on a Mac (scroll to the bottom), Linux, and at the router level. You must do it at the router level if you want to block these IP addresses for all connected devices, including the phone.

  1. To open the Command Prompt in Windows, press the Windows key plus the letter “R” and type “cmd” in the Run box.
  2. Here, type in the command below and hit enter:

2. Disable Ad Blocker

If YouTube videos take a long time to buffer at the beginning, it’s possible that your ad blocker isn’t doing its job. Try turning off your ad blocker to see if that helps.

If the problem is fixed, you should either completely replace your adblocker or whitelist YouTube and get a separate ad blocker for YouTube. You can try Adblock for YouTube, which should be able to block ads without causing buffering problems.

3. Clear Browser Cache And Cookies

A slow YouTube experience could also be caused by a browser that stores too much information. You should clear out your Browser’s cache and cookies. If you are using a different browser, read this article instead.

Click on the main menu (the three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of Chrome and choose “History” from there.

Now, click “Clear browsing data” on the left side of the screen.

Here, ensure that “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are checked. Click on “Clear Data” when you are done.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

If you find that HD videos on YouTube take a long time to load, it could be because of hardware acceleration. With this feature, your video card can speed up content. But if your graphics card isn’t very good, this feature could worsen your video experience.

I’ll show you how to turn off Chrome’s hardware acceleration. Here are the steps to stop other popular browsers from accelerating hardware.

In the top right corner of Chrome, click on the main menu and choose “Settings.”

Here, at the bottom, click “Advanced.” Scroll to the bottom and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

5. Change Browser

If the problem is with your Browser, switching to a different one should fix it. You can watch YouTube videos well in Chrome, but you can also try Firefox and Opera. If this solves the problem, you can reset your browser or reinstall it. This could fix the problem, so you don’t have to use a different browser.

6. Use A VPN

This is the opposite of speeding up YouTube videos, but a VPN should fix it if YouTube buffering is slow because of network throttling. There are many free VPN services, but if you want to stream for free without limits, ProtonVPN is a better choice. You can also try the Opera browser, which has a free VPN that you can use as much as you want.