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What Are The Purpose Of Proxy Server?

We have been writing about proxy server and their usage for a very long time, but now the question appears: What is the purpose of proxy servers?

Network nodes that act as proxy servers change the data packets that flow through them to make it seem that the data was initially sent from the proxy system.

Proxy servers may be built into your network or provided by a third party to protect your users’ privacy.

It is possible to hide your online activity from prying eyes by using a proxy, but this may also expose your company’s computer network to a wide range of security risks.

What Are The Purpose Of Proxy Server?


Due to your network settings, a proxy server could be necessary for specific instances.

If you have many computers in your house, your Internet service provider’s router acts as a proxy.

The router is the initial point of contact with the outside world for all incoming traffic.

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No matter how many workstations you connect to your side of the router, all of your traffic appears to originate from a single IP address on the Internet.

Access Control

A proxy may record or filter Internet traffic in certain instances.

Using an internal proxy, a corporation may restrict its employees from visiting sites that are not work-related or contain inappropriate information. It can also monitor and record their internet activity.

Additionally, a proxy may demand a user name and password to access the Internet, prohibiting unauthorized people from browsing the web for personal reasons.

Additionally, a proxy server might store frequently requested resources to reduce network traffic and improve user experience.


Some people use proxies to hide their identity since all traffic via a proxy seems to come from that proxy.

Using an external proxy might make it more difficult for a third party to monitor your internet activity. In addition, the owner of a broker may readily monitor activity that flows through it; thus, utilizing an unsecured proxy may expose you to a wide range of security threats.

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Because your Web traffic must first transit via the proxy server before reaching its final destination, this configuration might slow down your surfing experience.

International Proxies

As a result of international constraints, proxies may also be quite beneficial. It is possible to overcome content restrictions on certain websites by utilizing an international proxy service that hides your location.

Proxy servers may be used by users in countries that block the Internet. Free speech advocates and activists can utilize the anonymity afforded by proxies to share information with other users.