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What is a Magic Phone Booster? Top Apps You Can Use

While using a smartphone, you may have to face some performance issues. It is due to the junk files and cache data. These files and cache data will also last some impacts on the battery life of your android phone. If you want to get rid of these junk files and cache data, you will have to use magic phone booster apps. After installing these apps, you can improve productivity by improving performance. When you will use other apps on your android phone, these apps leave cache files. By deleting these cache files, magic phone booster apps will boost up the speed, memory and battery life of your android phone. Here, we will discuss the best magic phone booster apps.


By using this magic phone booster app, you can easily optimize the performance of your android phone by cleaning the cache and junk files. Moreover, it will also clean up unnecessary files from your device. Some large files are unused on your phone. It will identify these files and ask you to remove these files. You can also use this app to erase browsing history. It will also identify and uninstall the undesired applications on your phone. This app will also check the battery usage of all the apps. While checking these apps, it will hibernate the battery-draining apps. Here, you will also find some speeding device options.

AVG Cleaner:

AVG is a leading antivirus provider in the industry. Along with antivirus, it is also providing a magic phone booster app to the users. There are almost 50 million downloads of this app with a 4.6 rating. By installing this app, you can get basic features. For example, you can use it for optimizing the performance of your device and cleaning junk files. To check undesired apps on your device, you can use its app manager feature. After finding the undesired apps, you can also uninstall these apps. For the optimization of the battery life of your phone, it will hibernate the background running apps. To free up some space, it will also check and delete duplicate photos and videos on your phone.

Avast Clean Up and Boost:

No doubt, it is also another famous name in the antivirus field. Just like AVG Cleaner, it is also providing magic phone booster services. They have developed a multifunctional antivirus app for android users. After installing this app on your android phone, you can easily boost up its performance. When you will clean up all the junk files and cache, you can easily free up storage in your phone. For filtering the gallery, it is also allowing the users to clean up duplicate photos. When you will not use apps, it will shut down these apps in the background. It is also providing a media overview to the users.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal:

You may also find their antivirus software with the same name. By using this magic phone booster app, you can easily remove the junk files. While installing apps, you may have installed .apk files. When you will use this app, you can also remove these files. This android booster also allows the users to clean the cache files. To provide an eventual boost in the performance of your apps, it will also stop the background apps. For the performance of these tasks, this app is providing an understandable interface. You can also use this app for the optimization of the device’s memory.

Droid Optimizer:

As its name suggests, you can use this magic phone booster app for the optimization of the performance of your app. Due to its optimization and boosting features, it is one of the best android optimizer apps. When you will install this app, you can stop the background running apps. You can also use it to free up space from the RAM of your device. For the optimization of the gaming performance of your android phone, it will enhance its battery life. That’s why we can install and use this app for PUBG and other heavy gaming mobiles. This app will also restrict the foreground automatically. It is also helpful for automatically carrying out cleaning apps.

Go Speed:

According to a dissertation help firm, if you are looking for the smallest and efficient speed boosting app, Go Speed is the best choice. When you will install this magic phone booster app, you will not face the problem of a lagging phone or lack of space. To increase the available space, it is safely cleaning the junk files. As a result, you can boost up the speed of your phone up to 60%. You can also use this app to stop the toughest auto-start apps. To enhance the performance, it can intelligently scan the junk files. You can also use this app to find the rarely used apps. After uninstalling these apps, you can free up some space. For cleaning the background tasks, it is also optimizing the performance of the games and apps.

Super Clean:

If you are looking for a professional cleaning and speed boosting app, you should download Super Clean. This magic phone booster app will handle multiple roles of the junk files cleaners. You can also use this app for CPU cleaning and memory boosting. Its quick boosting feature can clean the background tasks. To make your phone run faster, it is freeing up RAM. The users can also save battery power with one tap only. In your android phone, there may be residual system cache files. The uninstalled apps can leave these files. By using this app, you can also remove these files to free up space.


There are some junk files and cache that can last some negative impacts on the performance of your android phone. When you will install these magic phone booster apps, you can easily boost up the speed and performance of your android devices. No doubt, these apps have some unique features and capabilities. You should select such apps that are suitable for your device. When you will install a powerful app on your android phone, you can make your device clean and efficient. In the absence of these apps, these files may go unnoticed and these apps may use the space of your device.