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What is better than veracrypt?

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VeraCrypt, the successor of TrueCrypt, is a free, cross-platform, on-the-fly encryption tool that works similarly to Microsoft’s BitLocker. Unlike the latter, the former operates on various systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspbian.

The programme has several functions, including creating encrypted file containers, encrypted volumes or partitions, and encrypting the whole operating system. VeraCrypt also adds enhanced security to its features and fixes some flaws reported in TrueCrypt, making it resistant to brute force and other current assaults.

VeraCrypt is one of the best encryption software. Apart from that, Veracrypt is full disk encryption software and open-source encryption software.

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Is veracrypt safe?

VeraCrypt’s security is relatively straightforward. To utilise your account, you don’t need to log in with a server, which removes a significant barrier that most encryption software services confront. Furthermore, because there is no direct sharing capability, key pairs can’t be used to match up permitted users.

All of the software is installed locally. VeraCrypt encrypts the file system by default with AES-256 (read our description of encryption to learn more about that). Data, filenames, and anything else relating to the data you’re encrypting is all included. Although AES is the default and VeraCrypt recommends it, alternative algorithms are also available.

Now you must be cleared. Is veracrypt safe?

Bitlocker vs Veracrypt

Now let’s discuss Veracrypt vs Bitlocker.

While VeraCrypt isn’t perfect, it is far more secure than Bitlocker. Although most users would likely not notice the difference, it is vital to note that there is one.

VeraCrypt has more encryption techniques, and kinds than Bitlocker and more vital keys, superior encryption and decryption mechanism (CBC vs XTS, but neither is perfect), and is open-source and auditable. Because Bitlocker is a private product, Microsoft is unlikely to enable this (and we all know how well security through obscurity works.)

Veracrypt vs Truecrypt

Let’s see how TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt compare. We’ll reach the speed and security of both apps because they’re comparable in functionality and design (which isn’t surprising given that VeraCrypt is a fork project).

For a new computer, the wait time until you can access the encrypted data is split seconds after you specify the valid password in TrueCrypt. You must wait substantially longer while using VeraCrypt.

TrueCrypt is no longer supported, the solutions in use are becoming obsolete by the day, and possible vulnerabilities are not being addressed. VeraCrypt that is actively operated and handled, will surely benefit from this.

Now you must be cleared about Veracrypt vs Truecrypt.

For many years, TrueCrypt was the go-to free, open-source encryption software. However, many customers are still hunting for a successor after it was withdrawn a few years ago. We’ll break down our five picks from our best encryption software shortlist in this guide to the best TrueCrypt alternatives.

We’ve assembled a collection of file encryption applications that will keep you safe, ranging from forks of TrueCrypt to proprietary solutions. While some of the solutions listed here have paid plans, there are lots of free options as well. More importantly, all of our recommendations will encrypt your files using the most up-to-date encryption techniques.

VeraCrypt, a fork of TrueCrypt, is the most direct substitute for the original software. It was created from the remnants of TrueCrypt, and it offers a fairly comparable user experience while also improving security to combat modern cybercrime.

Boxcryptor is a good choice if you’re seeking a solution that’s easier to use. Although you will need to purchase a membership to utilise all of Boxcryptor’s features, the cost is well worth it. Boxcryptor is a cloud-aware encryption application, which means it detects and encrypts cloud storage folders on your computer automatically.

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TrueCrypt was an open-source encryption programme that allowed you to encrypt files on the fly. It worked by encrypting a virtual disc within a folder of files. It worked as a folder encryption programme as well as entire disc encryption software with that configuration.

It was, however, phased out about five years ago. Although TrueCrypt is still available for download, the website that hosts the installer advises that it is no longer secure due to a slew of security flaws that have yet to be addressed. TrueCrypt doesn’t even officially support Windows 10, thus it may be difficult to get it to work on contemporary platforms.

Because it was open-source, numerous developers have updated or built upon the TrueCrypt code to produce forks, one of which we’ll discuss.

TrueCrypt’s history is tumultuous, so we’ll give you the short version. TrueCrypt was created by an unknown team using E4M code and released in 2004. Paul Le Roux, a former programmer turned cartel head who was jailed in 2012 on allegations of money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, and other crimes, was one of those thought to be on that crew.

Employees said that they were told to use TrueCrypt to encrypt their hard drives, even though Le Roux denied involvement in TrueCrypt during his criminal proceedings.

The TrueCrypt development team received a cease-and-desist letter from Le Roux’s old employer, Securitas, shortly after the initial release, alleging intellectual property theft. Following that, the crew promptly halted development.


It’s unclear whether Le Roux was engaged in the development of TrueCrypt, but regardless, the project was quickly abandoned. Fortunately, there are a variety of TrueCrypt alternatives available, some of which are forks of the original code and others that are completely different.