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What is Samsung Connect Home and how does it work?

Samsung Connect Home delivers wifi to improve home connection at its foundation.

You can connect to the internet from anywhere in your home with a mesh router. There will be no more areas where the connection is sluggish or not reached. Imagine being able to stream in the living room and kitchen while someone else plays in the basement – all without having to compete for bandwidth or wifi congestion.

Another distinguishing feature is that it also functions as an IoT Hub for Samsung SmartThings. It allows various connected devices from different manufacturers to speak with one another and control a smartphone app. It eliminates the need to acquire a separate hub.

How does Samsung Connect Homework?

Mesh wifi

Samsung Connect Home is meant to be scalable. It will be sold separately, or in a three-pack, similar to Google wifi, so you can place several of these routers throughout your Home to strengthen your entire network. From your bathroom to your basement, you will have wifi coverage. As a result, multiple routers collaborate to create a mesh network that provides fast input throughout your Home rather than relying on a single router.

You’ll use one Home as a base station to broadcast your signal and the other two in the bundle to extend that network throughout your home. Samsung claims that each unit can cover up to 1,500 square feet, which Google wifi also claims. Each unit also includes 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage space. The Samsung Connect Home, on the other hand, comes in two varieties.

The “standard” model has a 2 x 2 MU-MIMO antenna array and a slower 710MHz quad-core processor at AC1300 (capped speeds of 866Mbps in the 5GHz spectrum), whereas the “Pro” model has a 4 x 4 antenna and a faster 1.7GHz dual-core chip. It can quad-band 802.11ac at AC2600 (capped speeds of 1.7Gbps). The Pro has a coverage area of 1,500 square feet but does not come in a three-pack.

IoT hub

Samsung Connect Home eliminates the requirement for a separate SmartThings Hub from Samsung. Because Samsung Connect Home has a SmartThings Hub, it can interact with connected devices through Bluetooth 4.1, wifi, Zigbee, or Z-wave. Philips Hue lighting, Netgear Arlo security cameras, and Samsung appliances are among the devices in this category. After you’ve set everything up, you can control everything using a mobile app.

Does Samsung Connect Home have an app?

Yes, there is an app experience. It looks to be incorporated into Samsung cellphones, using the same system used to operate items attached to your phones, such as Bluetooth headphones, or the same technology used to connect to your Samsung TV. We don’t know whether Samsung will extend this app experience to other devices so that Samsung Connect Home isn’t reliant on a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung has confirmed Bixby functionality, which means you’ll be able to control anything linked to your Samsung Connect Home with your voice.

How much is Samsung Connect Home?

In the United States, a bundle of three Samsung Connect Home devices costs $379.99 (£295), while a single device costs $169.99. For $249.99, you can also get the Connect Home Pro, which has additional antennae for a more extended range and a quicker CPU.