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Where can I get a hole in a belt punched 2021

If you are wondering how to make a hole in a belt at home, where can I get my belt hole punched? Then you have landed at to right place.

Honestly, to know where I can get a hole in a belt punched so you can get it done at home or hire a belt hole punch service.

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Get your leather hole punch ready since you’ll need it sooner or later. It might be that you’ve dropped a little weight, and now it’s time to gain another, and you’re running out of holes. It might be because different pairs of pants sit in various areas of your body. It might also be that you’ve had the belt for a long and the leather has stretched a little. But you’re going to have to rip a hole in your belt at some time. And, if done well, it might appear to be precisely in line with the others, as if it had always been there.

You can easily create a belt hole puncher, Mr DIY, and purchase a belt hole puncher Kmart.

Mistakes in Men’s Belt

Although men are accustomed to wearing belts daily, there is undoubtedly more to belts than just quality. Most men have a difficult time deciding between the various types of belts available. Most of the straps on offer are worthless since men want solid-coloured, practical, and modest belts. While you follow a few fundamental guidelines, picking the appropriate belt is a breeze. Here are the mistakes guys make when wearing belts:

The style of the belt does not fit the style of the garment.

Men may use broad belts (3.9 cm/1.54 inches or even broader) when dressed more professionally (for business or fancy situations). Wide straps (3.4-3.5 cm/1.36 inches) should be used solely with more casual clothes (lighter denim and cargo trousers), whereas narrow belts (3.4-3.5 cm/1.36 inches) should be worn with more formal clothes (business clothes, chino’s, and dark denim).


The colour of the belt does not match the colour of the shoes.

Another example of non-matching designs is a cognac leather belt worn with black leather shoes. Always remember to match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shoes. As a result, a black leather belt complements your black leather shoes well. In addition, the belt should be made of the same material as your shoes. For example, a dark blue suede belt goes perfectly with your casual dark blue suede shoes.

Metallic accessories don’t go with the shoes.

When wearing a golden watch and bracelets/rings, the belt buckle should preferably match the watch and bracelets/rings. Similarly, if you’re wearing a lot of silver (like a watch or a bracelet), a silver buckle is the best option. As a result, we always favour buckles with a clipping mechanism, as changing the buckle and matching the colour to the other metals you’re wearing is a breeze. Another advantage is that you may have four distinct belts by purchasing two different leather belts with two different coloured buckles.

This is because the resulting hole will be somewhat ragged, which is unsightly and may even encourage tearing at the hole’s edge.

At this point, I should point out that my answer presupposes a leather or plastic belt. A knife won’t function well on a cloth belt, and one of those metal chain belts is out of the question. Also, I’m assuming that the purpose of this operation is to create a circular hole.

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If you want to give it a shot, I recommend a knife blade profile with an extreme tip, such as a Wharncliffe, spear point, clip point (example: Buck 110), or Bowie. A tanto or a drop point, for example, will not work properly.

Furthermore, the Awl tool found on the back of many Swiss Army Knives will make a lot better hole and is a much better option.

A leather punch would be a far better option. I’m talking about a tool that resembles a plier, but instead of a chain or needle-nose (or whatever), it has a revolving punch on one jaw and a backing anvil on the other. Around the ring of the spinning punch jaw are numerous different punch diameters. These tools are cheap; I’ve seen them for as little as $10.

This tool will also work on plastic belts, however, in a pinch, I’ve used a soldering iron. Because I solder, I have one, but not everyone will.


Finally, if you’re going to use a knife for this, make sure it’s a locking knife. During an endurance ride, my wife Cindy attempted a field repair on her saddle with a large folder (not a lock blade). She wasn’t only unable to make the hole, but the knife also folded upon her, resulting in a painful wound.