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Why do Samsung Chargers stop working?

With sales that match those of the iPhone year after year, the Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular smartphone models available. The Galaxy S4 is unquestionably a high-end smartphone, offering a plethora of applications and personalization options that users find appealing. One issue that it does have from time to time is that it will not charge in the manner that it is meant to. As a smartphone owner, this may be really inconvenient, and you’ll want to take measures to remedy the situation as soon as you possibly can.

Let’s take a look at what may be causing your Galaxy to not charge properly, as well as how you can resolve the problem.

Why Might Your Samsung Galaxy Not Be Charging?

In the event you are experiencing this issue, there might be a number of contributing causes. It’s possible that the phone charger you’re currently using has stopped functioning properly. It’s possible that the problem is with the USB cable, or that the problem is with the Galaxy’s charging port, which is preventing the smartphone from charging.

The fact that the Galaxy is charging slowly or not at all might potentially be a hint to what is going on. If your phone is charging slowly, you’ll want to check for a different problem than if it is entirely unresponsive to charging attempts.

Try Repairing the Galaxy’s USB Port

Let’s start with the USB port and see whether repairing it would allow your Galaxy to charge properly once more. Both the micro-USB charger and the USB port have metallic surfaces on their inside surfaces. If they are not in constant communication with one another, the phone will not charge. This might be caused by the constant plugging and unplugging of the charging wire over time, or it could be a result of a manufacturing problem.

Instead, you should shut down the Galaxy and remove the battery from the device. Then, using something tiny, “lever up” the little tab that is located within the USB port by pressing on it. A toothpick would be excellent in this situation. Replace the battery and plug the Galaxy back in again, taking care not to damage it in the process. This is often all that is required to for it to begin charging.

Try to Remove Lint, Dust, and Other Debris

The next step would be to inspect the phone’s USB charging tunnel for lint, dust, sticky residue from sweets, or any other foreign matter that could be lodged there. If you keep your phone in your jeans pocket, it is possible that accumulation will be the cause of a loss of connection at times.

You might use a small can of compressed air to clear any debris from the USB charging port if it is clogged. A cotton swab may also be used to gently scrape away any accumulation if you use it with care. Alternatively, a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush may be used.

Try a Different Charging Cable

Next, acquire a separate charging cord for the Galaxy. The curling and bending of the cable may wear it down over time, and it can eventually tear. If the cable seems damaged, replace it, but if it appears to be intact, this typically repairs Android phones that won’t charge.

You may borrow a cable from a family or acquaintance, or you can purchase a new one. If you do, be sure it’s specifically certified for Samsung devices. I wouldn’t recommend buying a cheap one online and hope for the best.

If you try another cable and the phone still won’t charge, you’ve eliminated it as a possible cause. If the Galaxy still won’t charge, go on to the next repair.

Try a Different Wall Socket

Next, check your home’s wall plugs to determine if that’s the issue. It might be one in particular obstructing charging. Try one in another room, or on another level if you can. If none of them work, you may check it off the list.

The Adaptor Might be to Blame

The wall plug adapter is another component of your Galaxy setup that may fail, particularly if the charging cord is removable. After hundreds of connecting and unplugging, the USB port might become loose.

Try the charger and cord with another Galaxy or Samsung handset. If they don’t charge the new gadget, it’s their problem. If they charge the new device without issue, then your phone is the issue, not the accessories.