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Why Does My iPhone Get Hot When Charging?

Have you ever thought about why does my iPhone get hot when charging? iPhones are dependable cellphones that are free of flaws. However, one of the most prevalent problems with an iPhone is that it becomes too hot while charging.

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Concerns about iPhone overheating have been noted in the Apple community for years. So, if your iPhone becomes heated when charging, you must act promptly. This article will explain why your iPhone becomes heated when charging and how to remedy it.

Why Does My iPhone Get Hot When Charging?

As a natural consequence of regular functioning, the iPhone’s complicated circuitry generates and distributes heat. This is especially obvious when the smartphone is charged.

Various components of the iPhone create heat when used, and understanding these processes can help you maintain the device within a safe temperature range.

1. iPhone Battery

The iPhone battery is formed when lithium ions in a salt solution react with metal electrodes. These ions travel from one side of the iPhone battery to the other as it charges.

As a result of this interaction, heat is created. A little heat is okay, but the iPhone should never get too hot to touch.

2. iPhone CPU

The CPU of the iPhone operates the operating system and performs the sophisticated computations required to run applications and even simple activities such as receiving phone calls.

Every calculation on the iPhone necessitates energy use, some of which is lost as heat. As a result, if you use the iPhone for an extended period while it is charging, you significantly increase its temperature and drive it to a dangerous degree.

3. Using iPhone While Charging

You may use applications while the iPhone is charging, but if you use too many at once, the device’s heat load will increase.

If you push the iPhone’s heat load too high and too frequently, you might shorten its battery life and even injure its delicate internal components.

4. Maximum Temperature Envelope

The phone is intended to create and dissipate a specific quantity of heat. If your iPhone becomes too hot, an error message stating, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.”

This error message shows when the iPhone crosses a crucial temperature threshold. When your iPhone is charging, you may avoid this by only using the most basic capabilities.

You could want to limit yourself to simply using one app and making and receiving phone calls, for example.

5. Defective Battery

A faulty battery creates heat and may unnecessarily overwork itself, which is one of the signs. Keep track of any notifications that your battery needs to be changed. You may also check the health of your iPhone battery to see whether it needs to be replaced.

6. Exposure To Sunlight

Direct sunlight may significantly enhance the temperature of the atmosphere. You have an overheated iPhone when you combine the heat created by using your phone.

7. Heavy Streaming

Keeping the screen active is one of the most power-intensive jobs your phone can accomplish. Unsurprisingly, online streaming causes a lot of controversies.

How To Fix iPhone Getting Hot While Charging?

The most efficient ways to cool down your phone are straightforward to implement and typically require addressing the source of the problem.

Anything more extreme will exacerbate the situation. If your iPhone overheats, use the instructions below to cool it down:

1. Remove The Phone Case

It would be best if you let your phone cool down before attempting to fix it. This way, it will function, and you will be able to test some of our fixes.

To begin, remove the protective cases from your iPhone. Cases trap heat, causing phones to overheat even more. When you remove your case, the heat that has been trapped will be released, and your phone will cool down.

2. Check Your Cables

Check that your charging cords are in excellent functioning order. Replace the cable if it is broken or bulging since it may cause your iPhone to overheat when charging.

Change the cord if you’re using a third-party charger. Other chargers may overload your phone and cause it to overheat, so use an Apple charger.

3. Check For Possible External Factors

Place your phone in a cool, shady location. While charging, avoid exposing your iPhone to extreme heat or direct sunlight since this will cause it to overheat.

4. Keep CPU Activities At A Minimum

Check to see whether you’re running too many applications on your phone or if it’s overheating. This includes watching movies, using GPS, phoning people, and sending large amounts of data. Allow a few minutes for your phone to cool down.

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