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5 Ways to Fix Android Connected: Wi-Fi is not working

If you’ve ever been in a position where your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, but you still can’t access the internet, ( Wi-Fi is not working ) you’ll understand how frustrating it can be. The fact that you are in this predicament right now might result from any number of circumstances.

So count your blessings since we’ve put up a series of straightforward instructions that will allow you to identify the issue yourself. Continue reading to learn how to resolve the Android phone problem of being connected to Wi-Fi but not having internet access. ( Wi-Fi is not working )

Wi-Fi is not working: Here’s how to fix it?

1. Disconnect and Connect Again

The first rule of IT-related troubleshooting is to switch everything off and on again; this solves around half of all issues. As a result, if your phone is not connecting to the internet, even if it is linked to the Wi-Fi network, there is a problem with the phone’s connection.

Take a look at your Wi-Fi settings and flick the Wi-Fi toggle off and on again to see if it resolves the problem.

2. Sometimes You Need to Forget

If the preceding technique did not solve your issue, this solution might be a viable option for you to try. This approach is an improved version of the last answer, although it does occasionally work under certain circumstances. ( Wi-Fi is not working )

Disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network you are now connected to and reconnecting to will solve the problem.

You must first forget about the network using this strategy before reconnecting utilizing the password. This may be accomplished by going to Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi> tapping the network you are currently connected to and then tapping the Forget button. After that, reconnect to the network using the password you created earlier.

3. See if the Internet is Working

All internet service providers provide a web-based dashboard or an app that you may use to log in to your account dashboard on your mobile device. So, by logging into your dashboard, you may check to see whether the connection is active or not and take appropriate action.

In my situation, the service provider is Excitel, and I can see that my connection is functioning correctly. However, if you notice that your internet connection is not working, you should contact your internet service provider to resolve the issue.

4. Check the Router

Your router may be the source of the issue, which you can resolve with a few easy steps. Restarting the router is also effective in these situations, so you should attempt that before proceeding with the rest of the steps. If it doesn’t work, check to see if the router prevents network traffic from passing through it through the router dashboard. ( Wi-Fi is not working )

To determine whether or not the Traffic Control function is enabled, open a web browser and visit the router’s dashboard. Access the Advanced tab and then choose Traffic Control from the drop-down menu. Disable the Traffic Control option from this menu and check to see whether the internet is accessible on your phone after doing so.

If even that doesn’t work out for you, the only thing left to do is restart your wireless router. If you can locate a SIM tray ejection tool, insert it into the reset hole of the router and press the reset button for 15 seconds, then remove it and press the button once more to complete the process. If you do not have the tool, then complete the instructions outlined in the following paragraphs. ( Wi-Fi is not working )

Log in to the router’s dashboard and then go to the System or configuration section, depending on what your router’s dashboard calls it. Many choices will be available to you, including Reset, backup, restore, save, and reboot your router. Choose Reset from the drop-down menu and confirm your selection to reset the router.

5. Reset Network Settings on Android if Wi-Fi is not working

If you are still experiencing issues with internet access on your Android smartphone, you may want to try resetting the network settings on the device. This is straightforward, and it will not affect any of your previously stored data on your smartphone.

It will only clear all network-related actions and hardware, including Bluetooth, from the system’s memory. You will lose access to any Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth connections that you have stored. After the Reset is complete, you must reconnect to the previously held Wi-Fi network.