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Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5

Your presence here clearly shows me that you were facing an issue regarding your Galaxy S5, and now you want to know why Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5? If so, then welcome because you are on the right spot because, in this article, we will be going to discuss it.  This article will tell you how to fix if your Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5? Furthermore, we will also share various methods to help you improve Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5. So, if that sounds interesting to you, what are we waiting for? Let us begin this article and see why Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5.

Are you attempting to connect your new Samsung Galaxy S5 with its plethora of capabilities to your computer, but the computer is not recognizing the Galaxy S5? You are not alone in experiencing this problem; many people are also experiencing it. The issue may arise due to an incorrect connection between the two devices. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect your Galaxy S5 to your computer in the appropriate manner.

Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5.

It comes pre-loaded with the most recent Android operating system available at the time, Android 4.4 KitKat, as well as a full HD super AMOLED display, a quad-core CPU, a fantastic camera, and an extensive app library. Even though this smartphone performs well and delivers a thoroughly pleasurable experience to its users, bugs, and glitches may arise from time to time, and with a little bit of effort, you can resolve them all on your own. If your computer has trouble detecting your Galaxy S5, follow the procedures outlined below.

Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5.

Method: -1

Samsung’s official website is the only place to get the most up-to-date drivers. The official USB drivers may be found on the company’s website. If you do not have the most recent version of the phone’s USB driver and software, your Galaxy S5 or S6 will not be recognized by your PC or laptop.

Method: – 2

It is also necessary to examine the USB cord. It is highly typical for the cable not to be correctly connected to the phone or computer port when this occurs. Alternatively, it is conceivable that the line is entirely inoperative. Only after you have addressed these issues should you continue with the other options.

Method: – 3

The first step in determining whether or not there is an issue with the connection is to enable USB debugging mode. In most circumstances, this mode is enabled by default, although it may be disabled at any moment. Consequently, here’s how to turn it on.

Open the Settings application on your Android phone.

Scroll down the list and seek the “Developer options” item at the bottom. It should be tapped.

how to repair galaxy won’t connect number one

If you do not see the developer choices, go to the “About Device” page and look for the option labeled “build number.” If you do not see the developer options, go to the “About Device” tab and look for the option marked “build number.” Now, choose the Build Number option and press it SEVEN times to confirm. The developer mode will be activated when you have tapped this option seven times in a row.

A new option named “USB Debugging” will now be available in the Developer settings. Choose the check box next to it from the drop-down menu to turn it on.

resolving the galaxy won’t connect 2

Connect your Galaxy S5 or S6 to your computer using a USB cord at this point. You will not have to deal with this issue again.

Method: – 4

Another easy solution to the problem of the Galaxy S5 not connecting to the PC is to connect the phone by first unlocking the lock screen on the phone. A lot of the time, when you connect your phone to a computer and leave the lock screen switched on, the phone will not be identified. Why? Because the built-in security mechanism prevents access to the contents of the phone’s memory card when the phone is locked, and the computer detects this. It protects your phone from being accessed by others without your permission.

Method: – 5

Although the drivers are loaded, and the connection is functioning correctly, the PC may still fail to identify the Galaxy S5 or other Android smartphones. This indicates that the drivers are not enabled or have not been updated. Here’s how to deal with the situation.

Connect your Galaxy phone to your computer using an available USB cord.

Navigate to the Control Panel and choose the Device Manager option. Alternatively, locate other devices and select your device (mobile) or right-click on your device and select “Update Driver” from the drop-down menu. It is possible that the driver will be downloaded and installed automatically from the internet and that the issue will be resolved.

Method: – 6

Another option is to open Settings and go to Developer Mode. You may enable USB configuration and choose MTP (media transfer protocol) as the default setting to resolve the Galaxy S5 won’t sync with a PC problem.

These were some methods for resolving the Galaxy S5, S6 won’t connect to PC issues. If your issue is still not fixed, please leave a comment on this article with the specifics of your device, and I will respond with another solution.

By following all of the above methods you can easily fix your Windows 10 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S5.